Thursday, September 13, 2007

Random Comments about a great show - Biggest Loser

Runner of Blog is a HUGE (pun intended) fan of the Biggest Loser - probably one of the best TV Shows ever thought of....

So I shared my thoughts with the usual crowd and got their thoughts:

Explanation of where this entry came from:

Runner of Blog: i have the fatty show tonight, so pumped

Runner of Blog: i love watching them cry and blubber

Fraternity Brother #1: whats the fatty show?

Runner of Blog: Biggest Loser

Fraternity Brother #1: hahahaha, i never have watched it

Runner of Blog: WATCH IT TONIGHT

Fraternity Brother #1: eh, im not big on reality tv

Runner of Blog: dude they cry about how hard it is to be fat

Runner of Blog: its freaking awesome and then those that kicked off - you know are doomed to be fat

Random Comments:

Fraternity Brother #1: that part i would love, 'you dont understand it's a disease!' sob sob sob 'at least when youre a drug addict you can stop altogether, but with food you still need it to live' sob sob sob

Runner of Blog: HOLY SHIT - i heard that like 40 times last season
Runner of Blog: they all blubber together
Runner of Blog: its awesome
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahahahahaha thats what true fatties are, whining excuse makers
Fraternity Brother #1: how bout this, heres my diet plan for them, dont eat a box of twinkies in a sitting
Fraternity Brother #1: i love when they claim they didnt know fast food could be so bad for you
Fraternity Brother #1: you mean a bucket of fried chicken for dinner can make me gain weight? liar!

Tall Blonde from Home: this is a genetic condition and has nothing to do with the two double whoppers i polished off for breakfast damn it

Runner of Blog: Blame their emotional difficulty on their fat ass - not the box of cookies they just finished

Tall Blonde from Home: im saving up for gastric in the mean time why dont you work on passing me some fudge brownies biatch

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