Friday, April 27, 2007

Attempting to Understand Women

11:42] THE Fiance: A study conducted by marital researcher Dr. John Gottman found that men who do more housework have better sex lives than those who don't. The theory is that a helpful husband makes his wife feel more respected, and, in turn, makes her more likely to give back to her mate. Tell him that, and he'll never look at a feather duster the same way again.
[11:45] Runner of Blog: interesting but maybe, and just maybe, it is the housework that causes the headaches women rely on to deny sex, and as such, men won't be in the mood
[11:45] THE Fiance: thats not what the study says
[11:48] Runner of Blog: hmmm i need the citations used
[11:48] Runner of Blog: sample size
[11:48] Runner of Blog: presumptions made
[11:49] Runner of Blog : 3 years of law school will come in handy to break down this garbage study put forward by upset housewives that have no job except to keep the house clean and want help cause its too hard

Joys of Medical Profession

[11:30] Runner of Blog: what up doctor
[11:30] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: work work and more work
[11:30] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: and some more
[11:30] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: hows it going
[11:30] Runner of Blog: not too bad
[11:30] Runner of Blog: and wahhhhh wahhhhhhh
[11:32] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: did i tell u how lovely my weekend was
[11:32] Runner of Blog: nope!
[11:32] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: lets put it this way i have completely suppressed it mentally and emotionally
[11:32] Runner of Blog: does it involve alcohol, a few midgets, and drugs
[11:32] Runner of Blog: what happened
[11:32] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: i had to do a complete vaginal exam on a big fat black woman
[11:33] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: on sunday
[11:33] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: holding back the puke
[11:33] Runner of Blog: THAT SUCKS WOW
[11:33]Wanna be Doctor Next Door: was not an easy task
[11:33] Runner of Blog: did you have to slap her thigh and ride in the wave
[11:33] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: ya
[11:33] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: disgusting
[11:33] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: man
[11:33] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: just disgusting
[11:33] Runner of Blog: it sounds horrible
[11:34] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: putting the speculum in and looking inside was bad, but than lubing up the fingers and putting them in and moving around
[11:34] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: it was just awful RUNNER OF BLOG
[11:34] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: awful
[11:34] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: i thought feeling the guys nads that day was going to be the worst part
[11:34]Wanna be Doctor Next Door: lets put it this way tha twas the best part
[11:35] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: so yea my sunday was just lovely
[11:35] Runner of Blog: i am so naseaus
[11:35] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: if i had to DO IT, than u have to HEAR about it
[11:35] Runner of Blog: i really do feel sick - the speculum thing makes me naseaus
[11:36] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: there was one part
[11:36] Runner of Blog: no hottie coming in huh even then i wouldnt' want to see that
[11:37] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: where im not supposed to wear a glove but touching her pubic hair made me so nautious that i quickly tryed to sneak on another glove until she caught me and say oh no, shes like only one glove on the dominant hand take the other off
[11:37] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: i was like oh god please have mercy
[11:37] Runner of Blog: was she your prof
[11:38] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: she was a model/teacher and i dont mean model like you and I use the term but honestly even on a hot girl, this would still be nasty man
[11:39] Runner of Blog: I am so sick and i just have to listen
[11:41]Wanna be Doctor Next Door: Runner of Blog, the worst part is
[11:41] Wanna be Doctor Next Door: i pay for this and pay alot
[10:57] Weird friend that only signs online to make fun of me: ILL KILL YOU
[10:57] Runner of Blog: You would not be able to you are weak
[10:57] Weird friend that only signs online to make fun of me: while you sleep
[10:57] Meebo Message: Weird Friend that only signs online to make fun of me is offline

Please note that this conversation took place within 1 min.
09:27] Tall Blonde from Home: believe me...he doesnt get any, we live in his parents house
[09:29] Runner of Blog: boo
[09:29] Runner of Blog: don't take it to extremes
[09:31] Tall Blonde from Home: you try it, its terrible
[09:33] Runner of Blog: makes it fun! have to sneak a little lol
[09:33] Tall Blonde from Home: he's got 22 days, he can hold out
[09:33] Runner of Blog: F U I am standing up for the poor guy I am protesting
[09:34] Tall Blonde from Home: hahahhaha
[09:34] erogdakis: 3 freaking weeks that is ridiculous
[09:34] Tall Blonde from Home: he would appreciate that
[09:34] Runner of Blog: the trade off for being married and long term relationship is sex often
[09:35] Tall Blonde from Home: thats fine...when his parents dont live down the hall i'm all for that
[09:35] Tall Blonde from Home: its not like i'm withholding it all the time
[09:35] Tall Blonde from Home: i just refuse to do it if someones in the house
[09:35] Tall Blonde from Home: its like sacraligous
[09:35] Runner of Blog: you should atleast fold up your knee or something give the guy some friction
[09:36] Tall Blonde from Home: hahhahahahha
[09:36] Runner of Blog: 22 days is bullshit poor dude
[09:37] Tall Blonde from Home: its not like its gonna fall off
[09:37] Runner of Blog: nah Thats EXACTLY what will happen i.e. if you don't use it, you lose it
[09:37] Tall Blonde from Home: hahah...educated from the 40 year old virgin?
[09:39] Runner of Blog: nah i caught the guy trying to run away during a drier period in my younger days and from that point on i realized i had to have sex
[09:39] Runner of Blog: OR ELSE
[09:39] Tall Blonde from Home: i'd really like to know the medical terminology on this one
[09:40] Runner of Blog: penialogy
[09:40] Tall Blonde from Home: use-it--or-lose-it-itis?
[09:40] Runner of Blog: penialogy is the study of this phenomenon and the correct medical term is ballessgayitis
[09:41] Tall Blonde from Home: and whats the transverse on that one? what if the dude's holding out?
[09:41] Runner of Blog: then the brain makes certain chemicals which determines that it is the man's decision and he is still in charge
[09:41] Runner of Blog: that hormone is known as testosterone .
[09:43] Tall Blonde from Home: so can this "hold out" be deemed as mental abuse?
[09:43] Tall Blonde from Home: since i am screwing with his head...
[09:43] Runner of Blog: .in new york the term is constructive abandonment (this part is for real) and appreantly you aren't screwing anything
[09:48] Tall Blonde from Home: damn you lawyers
[09:49] Runner of Blog: lol
[09:49] Runner of Blog: if the husband needs representation give him my number
[09:49] Runner of Blog: for no sex - i'll represent him pro bono
[09:50] Tall Blonde from Home: wait...hold up...who's friend were you first?
[09:50] Runner of Blog: friend first? My first friend is to sex
[09:51] Tall Blonde from Home: i see where your loyalty lies
[09:51] Runner of Blog: now? I don't think you could have been more aware that my loyalty lies with sex
[09:53] Tall Blonde from Home: actually....yes....but still kinda shocked that semen is thicker than blood
[09:53] Runner of Blog: but we aren't related by blood?
[09:53] Tall Blonde from Home: so to speak....not like we're related...but friends dont share any liquids
[09:53] Tall Blonde from Home: its all i could come up with on the fly
[09:53] Runner of Blog: come on you are better than that

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fiance Loves me

[11:54] Runner of Blog: i didn't go to the gym once this week
[11:54] THE Fiance: thats ok
[11:54] THE Fiance: you've been busy
[11:55] Runner of Blog's: hmmmm much better response than you fat disaster, I like it
[11:55] THE Fiance:

Fraternity Brother #1 has problems

[09:59] Runner of Blog: just found out one of the weddings i had this summer is off
[10:00] Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahaha why?
[10:01] Runner of Blog: its gf's cousin
[10:01] Fraternity Brother #1: whys it off?
[10:01] Runner of Blog: don't have the whole story, but it seems like they had a couple brawls and the last one was she was trying to control him and his hobby
[10:02] Fraternity Brother #1: oh i hope it involves a man of color and block of cheese
[10:02] Fraternity Brother #1: what was his hobby? beating her?
[10:02] Runner of Blog: WOW, no bike riding
[10:04] Fraternity Brother #1: nah went right for the beating
[10:04] Fraternity Brother #1: but what was his hobby?
[10:04] Runner of Blog: i said bike riding,but he did those like all day 40 mile things
[10:05] Fraternity Brother #1: hmmmmmmm, dont know if i like the guy or respect the guy. on one hand he chose a bike over a woman, which is cool if youre gonna win the tour de france and bang chicks because of it. but on the other hand i respect him, cause he had enough nagging and he walked
[10:06] Runner of Blog: good logic - he knew he didn't want to listen to that for the rest of his life, better than a divorce in 3 years with a kid
[10:07] Fraternity Brother #1: yeah, so in the end i think i respect him. on the one hand (Runner of Blog'sFIANCE) cousin has to feel like shit that schwin is more important to him
[10:08] Runner of Blog: nope the guy was gf's cousin. In reality i am sure this guy was being beaten over and over and this was the final straw before the big I DO
[10:09] Fraternity Brother #1: hands down thats the case. im sure she nagged him about bigger things, but it was the bike that put it over the top
[10:10] Fraternity Brother #1: what does he do for work that he has time to bike 40 miles a day. i barely have time for an hour workout at this dude is biking all day?

[10:11] Fraternity Brother #1: is he a HS principal so on weekend, during the day
he'll be gone for long periods of time
[10:12] Fraternity Brother #1: he's banging another dame
[10:12] Runner of Blog: hahaha
[10:12] Runner of Blog: possible, but unlikely
[10:12] Runner of Blog: they seemed happy
[10:12] Fraternity Brother #1: a student!
[10:12] Runner of Blog: you are insane
[10:13] Fraternity Brother #1: he's not riding bikes, hes riding students
[10:16] Runner of Blog: only if they are 17 years old or older
[10:17] Fraternity Brother #1: no thats whats known as a fun killer
[10:18] Runner of Blog: the 17 year old thing
[10:18] Fraternity Brother #1: yes

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Post that started it

[15:15] Fraternity Brother #1: woman is ticked at me that i wont go to one of her running races this weekend to cheer her on
[15:17] Runner of Blog:THEN TELL HER SHE SHOULD COME TO THE UNION OF TWO SOULS (note fraternity brother #1 gf does not want to go to a wedding he is in the wedding party)
[15:19] Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahahahahahaha, i told her to do a sport that i can watch her continously doing, instead of me waiting around a finish line for 2 hours hoping to see her as she crosses
[15:20] Runner of blog: thats why you pick up a hot chick who is waiting for her idiotic partner to run to a finish line for some meaningless personal reason
[15:21] Fraternity Brother #1: i dont understand road races. she forked over $40 to run in this thing, when in reality she coulda just ran around the block a couple of times for free
[15:21] Runner of blog: and then u could have waited for 2 hours to finish watching porn and come out and greet her and tell her congrats
[15:22] Fraternity Brother #1: exactly, every sport this woman has ever done has involved me sitting around for hours and only have seconds of payoff
[15:23] Runner of blog: she doesn't to see if you will actually do it
[15:23] Runner of blog: you know she laughs it up with all her friends and shit
[15:23] Runner of blog: "that fucking ass face sat around for 2 hours while i boned out in the woods, and then he cheered me on when i got back with man juice running down my leg"
[15:24] Runner of blog: ooo that was angry
[15:24] Fraternity Brother #1: good thing ive bee nstrong
[15:24] Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha
[15:25] Fraternity Brother #1: the man juice running down the leg, sealed that joke