Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Stop reading the blog! Losers

Runner of Blog: blog has over 700 hits
Fraternity Brother #1: who's reading it?
Runner of Blogs: i dunno, but i bet its people at work reading it, and then think to themsevles that they don't have time at work to write like we do
Runner of Blog: but then are wasting time reading it
Fraternity Brother #1 hahahahahahahaha excellent point
Runner of Blog: probably more time than it took me to write this rant
Fraternity Brother #1: losers

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Peer a bit more into the essence of Runner of Blog

Note - Runner of Blog is a HUGE fan of the Atlanta Falcons

Fraternity Brother #1: vick just pleaded not guilty-no shock
Runner of Blog: sweet
Fraternity Brother #1: in joey harrington we trust
Runner of Blog: sucks dude
Runner of Blog: sucks hardcore ass
Fraternity Brother #1: ive asked am illion times, but how did you become a falcons fan
Runner of Blog: sanders, who didn't like him
Fraternity Brother #1: wooooo the reason you liked the falcons is cause of prime time?
Runner of Blog: and started watchign football
Fraternity Brother #1: hysterical - i was expecting you to say, my grandfather liked them and he got me into them,
but no it was prime time himself
Runner of Blog: dude he was the biggest asshole when i started really getting into football and i obviously had to be a pain in the ass and root against friends and family who like NY Teams
Runner of Blog: cause even then i was an idiot
Fraternity Brother #1: as always the difficult one
Runner of Blog: always was an idiot like that just couldn't go the easy route and choose a ny team
Fraternity Brother #1: its not even about being an idvidual, you just like buggen people hahaha
Runner of Blog: YES Exactly!
Fraternity Brother #1: see i understand you -
some prob think youre being an individual and expressing yourself, but i know better

Runner of Blog: ITS TRUE I SUCK
Fraternity Brother #1: dont be so hard on yourself
Runner of Blog: hahah thanks buddy\

"Attempting" to understand the "other team" and over use of quotation marks

Fraternity Brother #1: as i was walking around at lunch i saw a gay dude cavorting with a flock of fat ugly dames. and i felt bad for him. cause not only is he daddys dissappointment, but he doesnt even at least get to roll with the hot chicks, like most gay guys do
Runner of Blog: gay guys always have hot girls
Fraternity Brother #1: and this one didnt, and first i was baffeled, and then i felt sorry
Runner of Blog: hahahahaha
Runner of Blog: you should have said something
Fraternity Brother #1: i wouldnt go that far
Runner of Blog: be like straight - where your hot bitches at?
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahaha
Runner of Blog: and then call him straight
Fraternity Brother #1: "faker"
Runner of Blog: "you love the VAG"
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahaha

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Dog is a jedi

Runner of Blog: tink would do (referring to my 4 pound dog taking on a snake - like in this news story
The Fiance : i think so too
Runner of Blog: although tink wouldn't get bit
Runner of Blog she would kung fu the shit out of the snake prior to getting bit
The Fiance: i agree
Runner of Blog: that chiuaua is a pussy for getting bit
The Fiance: lol
Runner of Blog: maybe not a pussy cause it showed heart
The Fiance: he definitely did so we shouldn't pick on him
Runner of Blog: fine i'll just pick on his skills or lack thereof
The Fiance: thats fine he did save a child though
Runner of Blog: true, but he got bit in the process
The Fiance
: it's like saying secret service doesn't have skills if they get shot saving the president....no, they just took one for the team to save someone else
Runner of Blog: hmmm you are right they are still heroes but how much more bad ass are they if they stop it and survive/not get hurt
Runner of Blog: stop the attack prior to shots fired
The Fiance: that's pretty awsome
The Fiance: that would be cool...but it's not the same scenario - the dog took the bite for the kid...
The Fiance
: so to talk about something similar the guy has to take the bullet
Runner of Blog: the dog should have sensed danger and jumped on the snake rendering it dead prior to bites occurring
The Fiance: the story isnt' about a dog who destroyed teh snakes plan of attack
Runner of Blog: u are right but it would have made zoey the dog cooler
Runner of Blog: thats all i am saying
Runner of Blog: i bet tink would have thwarted the attack prior to having to take a bite to keep me alive
The Fiance: she does have jedi like senses
Runner of Blog: not jedi-like she is a jedi
Runner of Blog: i am in the midst of training her as my padi-won
The Fiance: good idea

Female President - 24 has gone too far this time!

Fraternity Brother #1: http://www.cnn.com/2007/SHOWBIZ/TV/07/23/tv.fox.24.ap/index.html
Runner of Blog: its the only way they can say its not realistic
Runner of Blog: otherwise people would bitch that it is too real and scary
Runner of Blog: and then the producers can respond with - but there was a black president
Runner of Blog: and now a female one
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahaha
Runner of Blog: and as such - its just a show
Fraternity Brother #1: good point, never thought of it like that
Runner of Blog: yeah the chinese and US could have a mini war over russian intelligence, BUT there also could be a second black president, YEAH RIGHT!
Fraternity Brother #1: i hope the show turns into a comedy and theres a running gag that everytime she makes a rash decsion jack whispers, 'must be that time of the month'
Runner of Blog: hahahhaha
Runner of Blog: bomb them? - she must be riding the criminson wave
Runner of Blog: or Bauer could do the old school zach morris thing turn to the camera say "Time out"
Runner of Blog: and then explain how ludicrous this is cause a female is running the country
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahahahahahaha we need to be writing this show
Fraternity Brother #1: and everytime he says his catchphrase theirs cheers and laughter from a fake studio audience
Runner of Blog he breaks someones neck - there are the hoots and hollerings from the soundtrack
Runner of Blog: wow we would drive this show into the ground

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Runner of Blog is taking resumes

Tall Blonde from Home: you convince some poor intern to bring you coffee yet? (referring to my demand for an intern solely to get me coffee)
Runner of Blog: hahahahahhah no
Runner of Blog: haven't seen one today
Runner of Blog: haven't worked up the balls yet lol
Tall Blonde from Home: lol
Runner of Blog: i wanna so bad
Runner of Blog: and throw it at them when its wrong
Tall Blonde from Home: you are mentally deranged

Should I be worried about my Fiance

The Fiance: I need a gay best friend
"Random Gay Friend of Fiance: if you're going to be in pa when i'm there...i'd want to know so we can go wedding dress shopping and cake sampling and flower coordinating and stationary/invitation shopping"
The Fiance: now this would be a good gay best friend
Runner of Blog: who is that? (referring to "Random Gay Friend of Fiance")
The Fiance: He is "X"my friend who is on broadway
Runner of Blog: WOW he loves the man ass
The Fiance: lol see! i need a gay best friend

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Update from Wannabe Doctor Next Door

Wannabe Doctor Next Door: i was on call last night, do u think they let me sleep
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: NO not at all
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: i have to be there at 5 am every morning and every few nights i have to stay up until like 8 am the following day
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: its horrendous and just when u think ur nights over a girl has to go and get shot in the vagina
Runner of Blog: WHAT! shot in the vag?
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: ya no joke
Runner of Blog: that is nuts
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: shot right to the vagina
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: young girl
Runner of Blog: wait I need details
Runner of Blog: what do u mean in the vag? are we talking up or through
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: shoots her in the vajaja lol it went through her labia and also penetrated the rectum i think
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: she needs a colostomy bag for 6 months
Runner of Blog: Through the labia? was she cute?
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: haha i didnt go in to see her cause when i got down to ER there were like 3 other cases including this girl who they found passed out in a motel who is schitzophrenic, depressed, binge drinker, thinks she might be pregnant, has std's, and smokes alot
Runner of Blog: sounds hot
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: and black and blues all over her body, which she says her bf did Runner of Blog: ooo thats not good she is a rat
Wannabe Doctor Next Door hahahahaha

Smooth as Sandpaper takes it too far putting our frienship at risk!

Runner of Blog: sucks that you are going to fail tonight (Smooth had a test for work)
Smooth as Sandpaper: wow, ur like a really big dick
Smooth as Sandpaper: thanx 4 the vote of confidence, scumbag
Runner of Blog: don't get upset - figured you couldn't get a CD to start...this was just the next step
Runner of Blog: hahahah I make myself laugh
Smooth as Sandpaper: fuck off greek boy im gonna ace the test b/c i know everything
Runner of Blog: u don't know dick
Smooth as Sandpaper: thought u'd like 2 know that i just smashed ur coke bottles in the street cocksucker
Runner of Blog: THATS NOT COOL AT ALL - why take it out on the bottles

Note - Runner of Blog has a gay collection of special Coke Bottles from different countries and events

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tinkerbell, Rocky, Roxy, Matches, Taz, Axel, Boomer, and Otis may have been onto something

Runner of Blog: u know how we as humans think we are better than animals?
Fraternity Brother #1: yes sir
Runner of Blog: I always laugh when tink is looking for that exact spot to piss
Runner of Blog: and she goes to the same place
Runner of Blog: yet i go to the same stall or urinal every time!
Runner of Blog: To make it worse, I get pissed when someone fucked it up for me
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahahaha 100% correct, i get so angry if someone is in the shitter i usually go in or its not clean
Runner of Blog: who are we to judge dogs
Fraternity Brother #1: we are no one!
Runner of Blog: pissed off when someone marks our teritory

Note - I apologize to all the dogs named in the title for ever getting annoyed when they searched for that special spot