Monday, July 23, 2007

My Dog is a jedi

Runner of Blog: tink would do (referring to my 4 pound dog taking on a snake - like in this news story
The Fiance : i think so too
Runner of Blog: although tink wouldn't get bit
Runner of Blog she would kung fu the shit out of the snake prior to getting bit
The Fiance: i agree
Runner of Blog: that chiuaua is a pussy for getting bit
The Fiance: lol
Runner of Blog: maybe not a pussy cause it showed heart
The Fiance: he definitely did so we shouldn't pick on him
Runner of Blog: fine i'll just pick on his skills or lack thereof
The Fiance: thats fine he did save a child though
Runner of Blog: true, but he got bit in the process
The Fiance
: it's like saying secret service doesn't have skills if they get shot saving the, they just took one for the team to save someone else
Runner of Blog: hmmm you are right they are still heroes but how much more bad ass are they if they stop it and survive/not get hurt
Runner of Blog: stop the attack prior to shots fired
The Fiance: that's pretty awsome
The Fiance: that would be cool...but it's not the same scenario - the dog took the bite for the kid...
The Fiance
: so to talk about something similar the guy has to take the bullet
Runner of Blog: the dog should have sensed danger and jumped on the snake rendering it dead prior to bites occurring
The Fiance: the story isnt' about a dog who destroyed teh snakes plan of attack
Runner of Blog: u are right but it would have made zoey the dog cooler
Runner of Blog: thats all i am saying
Runner of Blog: i bet tink would have thwarted the attack prior to having to take a bite to keep me alive
The Fiance: she does have jedi like senses
Runner of Blog: not jedi-like she is a jedi
Runner of Blog: i am in the midst of training her as my padi-won
The Fiance: good idea

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