Monday, July 23, 2007

Female President - 24 has gone too far this time!

Fraternity Brother #1:
Runner of Blog: its the only way they can say its not realistic
Runner of Blog: otherwise people would bitch that it is too real and scary
Runner of Blog: and then the producers can respond with - but there was a black president
Runner of Blog: and now a female one
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahaha
Runner of Blog: and as such - its just a show
Fraternity Brother #1: good point, never thought of it like that
Runner of Blog: yeah the chinese and US could have a mini war over russian intelligence, BUT there also could be a second black president, YEAH RIGHT!
Fraternity Brother #1: i hope the show turns into a comedy and theres a running gag that everytime she makes a rash decsion jack whispers, 'must be that time of the month'
Runner of Blog: hahahhaha
Runner of Blog: bomb them? - she must be riding the criminson wave
Runner of Blog: or Bauer could do the old school zach morris thing turn to the camera say "Time out"
Runner of Blog: and then explain how ludicrous this is cause a female is running the country
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahahahahahaha we need to be writing this show
Fraternity Brother #1: and everytime he says his catchphrase theirs cheers and laughter from a fake studio audience
Runner of Blog he breaks someones neck - there are the hoots and hollerings from the soundtrack
Runner of Blog: wow we would drive this show into the ground

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