Thursday, July 26, 2007

Peer a bit more into the essence of Runner of Blog

Note - Runner of Blog is a HUGE fan of the Atlanta Falcons

Fraternity Brother #1: vick just pleaded not guilty-no shock
Runner of Blog: sweet
Fraternity Brother #1: in joey harrington we trust
Runner of Blog: sucks dude
Runner of Blog: sucks hardcore ass
Fraternity Brother #1: ive asked am illion times, but how did you become a falcons fan
Runner of Blog: sanders, who didn't like him
Fraternity Brother #1: wooooo the reason you liked the falcons is cause of prime time?
Runner of Blog: and started watchign football
Fraternity Brother #1: hysterical - i was expecting you to say, my grandfather liked them and he got me into them,
but no it was prime time himself
Runner of Blog: dude he was the biggest asshole when i started really getting into football and i obviously had to be a pain in the ass and root against friends and family who like NY Teams
Runner of Blog: cause even then i was an idiot
Fraternity Brother #1: as always the difficult one
Runner of Blog: always was an idiot like that just couldn't go the easy route and choose a ny team
Fraternity Brother #1: its not even about being an idvidual, you just like buggen people hahaha
Runner of Blog: YES Exactly!
Fraternity Brother #1: see i understand you -
some prob think youre being an individual and expressing yourself, but i know better

Runner of Blog: ITS TRUE I SUCK
Fraternity Brother #1: dont be so hard on yourself
Runner of Blog: hahah thanks buddy\

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