Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Don't Question Runner of Blog

Fraternity Brother #1: youre not gonna do one of those joint parties are you? like where you and your group go to vegas, but the Fiance and her group also go to vegas at the sametime
Runner of Blog: come on dude
Fraternity Brother #1: GF's boss (a chick) who is getting hitched this weekend, her and her fiance did that. i told him he was a giant fruit
Runner of Blog: does that even sound like me
Fraternity Brother #1: i had to check
Runner of Blog: come on dude
Fraternity Brother #1: ok i apologize for even asking. but people do weird shit when it comes to bachelor parties
Runner of Blog: the only weird thing i'll be doing - is being awesome
Fraternity Brother #1: thats what i want to hear

Fraternity Brother's Girlfriend is Skating on thin Ice

Fraternity Brother #1: the woman went to the grocery store on sunday while i was driving back from nj, so i rattled off some shit i wanted for dinner, cause she isnt home any of the nights this week, so im on my own. so one of the things i wanted was sausages, 1. to make a meat sauce, 2. to make sausage and peppers
Fraternity Brother #1: and what does she bring home, organic vegan sausage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Runner of Blog: VEGAN
Runner of Blog: that fucking bitch
Runner of Blog: i am so angry with her
Fraternity Brother #1: how do you think i felt..........meatless sausage, i mean do the fucking math on that
Fraternity Brother #1: it cant be good, like doesnt even have a chance at being good
Runner of Blog: that is so fucking nasty
Runner of Blog: and selfish of her
Fraternity Brother #1: and shes like im just tryen to help you be healthy......and thats fine, thats nice i appreciate it. but if you want me to be healthy get a couple of apples, dont get me meatless meat

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I HATE Fraternity Brother #1

Runner of Blog: Future Father in Law made fun that I always bring cake to tailgating. So I explained to him "Its a personal issue - I am willing to accept that I have a problem, but when you take a bite of an oreo cake and wash it down with some ice cold beer, before'll see!"
Fraternity Brother #1: you bring cake to a tailgate? fag
Runner of Blog: dude i've been doing it for years
Fraternity Brother #1: so youve been gay for years, thats cool
Runner of Blog: WOW
Runner of Blog: oreo cake and beer! what could be better?
Fraternity Brother #1: if brought by a woman, fine whatever. but not by a dude
Runner of Blog: dessert after bbq
Fraternity Brother #1: quite frankly if youre gonna do a desert after a bbq it should be a deepfried twinkie or a deep fried oreo
Fraternity Brother #1: not a cake
Fraternity Brother #1: do you make the cake with a cute apron?
Runner of Blog: fuck you - I buy it
Fraternity Brother #1: i can picture you prancing up to the tailgate, with a cake in a box holding it by those fruity strings they wrap around a bakery box
Fraternity Brother #1: stick to what youre good at and bring beer
Runner of Blog: but i do bring beer also
Fraternity Brother #1: you're so hurt right now, arent you?
Runner of Blog: yes i am
Fraternity Brother #1: by beer do you mean wine coolers?
Fraternity Brother #1: im not dissing cake, cake is great. but for it to be a guys contribution at a tailgate, eh
Runner of Blog: u act like thats all i eat - we have burgers, steak, hot dogs, and sometimes sausage
Runner of Blog: lots and lots of beer
Fraternity Brother #1: im not doubting your ability to consume the deliciousness that is tailgate food, or even questioning the amount of beer you can drink (which id never do)
Fraternity Brother #1: what i am saying is that when it comes to a tailgate, everyone brings something. the last thing id do if i was apart of a tailgate is jump up and say, "ill bring the cake!'
Fraternity Brother #1: fuck, if all the meats and rolls and beer was accounted for, then id rather bring 70 bags of dorritos, but never would i volunteer cake
Fraternity Brother #1: let me take you through an exchange shannon and i had when planning a tailgate for jimmy buffett......
Fraternity Brother #1: Fraternity Brother #1's gf: "What should we have for desert? Fraternity Brother #1 aka Man: i dont give a shit. more beer?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lets Delve deeper into the psyche of Fraternity Brother #1

Fraternity Brother #1: my mother was tellen me a story from when i was in grade school.....

Fraternity Brother #1: the teacher asked everyone what they wanted to be when they grew up, and everyone said doctor, lawyer, teacher something like that....

Fraternity Brother #1: my answer was, 'i wanted to be a hammock sailsmen in key west'..... and the teacher was concerned that i didnt have the aspirations of others so my mom had to be brought in for a conference

Fraternity Brother #1: to this day my mom doesnt understand where at the young age i had learned about key west, but i was an odd kid

Fraternity Brother #1: her favorite story to tell of me is from kindgergarden another parent teacher conference that was called. we were all coloring in class, and i put my crayons down. and walked over to her desk and took her newspaper and sat down and started looking at it. clearly i didnt know how to read at the age of 5, but i was just looking at it.....

Fraternity Brother #1: the teacher came over and asked what i was doing and why wasnt i coloring. and she said i put the paper down in a huff, like she was bothering me and said, 'lets be honest. coloring and staying the line won't help me get in a good college. clearly more can be learned from reading a newspaper then from coloring goofy.' and i picked the paper up and started reading/looking at it.

Fraternity Brother #1: so my mom had to be brought in because i wasnt following the rest of the class

Fraternity Brother #1: very odd, i think it came from a lot of tv watching

Runner of Blog: I am feeling the movie cocktail was in there some where

Fraternity Brother #1: it was, loved that movie as a kid - totally, i remember watching that flick, commando, rambo, and the terminator over and over as a kid

Runner of Blog: i hope your parents put more love into your sister

Welcome Sensitive Guido Guy

Sensitive Guido Guy: what is your percentage now - avin is in (Referring to my Homecoming Appearance despite my advanced age)

Runner of Blog: i am 100% - because "Buddy not on blog yet" is going to come with me

Sensitive Guido Guy: thats serious

Runner of Blog: and if it sucks he'll drive me home or drive me to a location that doesn't suck

Sensitive Guido Guy: it probably will so lets get wasted quick

Sensitive Guido Guy: u always get chauffered around - how do you do that? your like miss daisy

Runner of Blog: hahahaha

Sensitive Guido Guy: or a mob gangster

Runner of Blog: because people know that i will sit home or sleep on a curb before driving home drunk

Sensitive Guido Guy: you should have buddy drive you in a black lincoln and sit in the back

Runner of Blog: and scream racist things at buddy?

Sensitive Guido Guy: hahahah


Runner of Blog: hahahahaha - if it does suck you can leave with me and crash at my condo

Sensitive Guido Guy: that soundsed semi gay

Runner of Blog: really? i meant it in the straightest way

Sensitive Guido Guy: hahah

Runner of Blog: i have 2 different rooms with 2 different beds or 3 walk in closets you can sleep in

Runner of Blog: you could theoretically have 3 doors between us that I would have open up before I cuddled with you

Sensitive Guido Guy: wow

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Should I be wondering about Smooth

Runner of Blog: why did u go to the ghetto
Smooth as Sandpaper: i needed 2 get my new cable box
Runner of Blog: how'd it work out? get raped?
Smooth as Sandpaper: i did notice this 1 thug staring at my ass as i wuz walking, but i guess he got over it
Runner of Blog: thats great
Smooth as Sandpaper: i don't kno if i should b happy that he didn't try 2 rape me, or sad at the fact that my ass wasn't good enough 4 him
Smooth as Sandpaper: haha
Runner of Blog: i was thinking that exact same thing, but didn't want the conversation to get weird
Smooth as Sandpaper: most of sour conversations do get weird
Smooth as Sandpaper: so y stop now
Runner of Blog: its true - i bet your jeans weren't tight enough
Smooth as Sandpaper: sux

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tall Blonde From Home is a Hick

Tall Blonde From Home: so did i tell you that our neighbors want to get alpacas???
Runner of Blog: alpacas? what is that
Tall Blonde From Home: theyre like llamas
Runner of Blog: HAHAHAHAH serious?
Tall Blonde From Home: serious as a hearattack
Tall Blonde From Home: people are effing nuts
Runner of Blog: that is incredible
Runner of Blog: do they make noise? can you ride them!?!?!
Tall Blonde From Home: I think so
Runner of Blog: cause that would be fucking bad ass
Runner of Blog: if you could ride around your property
Tall Blonde From Home: its going to play out like napolean dynamite
Tall Blonde From Home: "tina eat your ham"
Runner of Blog: hahaha imagine coming home
Runner of Blog: and he is riding the fucking thing
Runner of Blog: all over you hard
Tall Blonde From Home: hahahaha
Runner of Blog: yard
Runner of Blog: larry smacking its ass to go faster
Tall Blonde From Home: oyy the vision of that is just terrible
Tall Blonde From Home: he needs to be wearing his john deere hat while riding too
Runner of Blog: hahahahahahaha
Runner of Blog: straw hanging out of his mouth
Tall Blonde From Home: natty ice in hand
Tall Blonde From Home: beef jerky hanging out of his pocket
Runner of Blog: hjahhahahahahha with natty ice
Tall Blonde From Home: and it needs to be piss warm

Weird Friend AGAIN

Weird Friend who signs online to make fun of me: WHY DO YOU LOVE BALLS SO MUCH
Weird Friend is offline

Random Comments about a great show - Biggest Loser

Runner of Blog is a HUGE (pun intended) fan of the Biggest Loser - probably one of the best TV Shows ever thought of....

So I shared my thoughts with the usual crowd and got their thoughts:

Explanation of where this entry came from:

Runner of Blog: i have the fatty show tonight, so pumped

Runner of Blog: i love watching them cry and blubber

Fraternity Brother #1: whats the fatty show?

Runner of Blog: Biggest Loser

Fraternity Brother #1: hahahaha, i never have watched it

Runner of Blog: WATCH IT TONIGHT

Fraternity Brother #1: eh, im not big on reality tv

Runner of Blog: dude they cry about how hard it is to be fat

Runner of Blog: its freaking awesome and then those that kicked off - you know are doomed to be fat

Random Comments:

Fraternity Brother #1: that part i would love, 'you dont understand it's a disease!' sob sob sob 'at least when youre a drug addict you can stop altogether, but with food you still need it to live' sob sob sob

Runner of Blog: HOLY SHIT - i heard that like 40 times last season
Runner of Blog: they all blubber together
Runner of Blog: its awesome
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahahahahaha thats what true fatties are, whining excuse makers
Fraternity Brother #1: how bout this, heres my diet plan for them, dont eat a box of twinkies in a sitting
Fraternity Brother #1: i love when they claim they didnt know fast food could be so bad for you
Fraternity Brother #1: you mean a bucket of fried chicken for dinner can make me gain weight? liar!

Tall Blonde from Home: this is a genetic condition and has nothing to do with the two double whoppers i polished off for breakfast damn it

Runner of Blog: Blame their emotional difficulty on their fat ass - not the box of cookies they just finished

Tall Blonde from Home: im saving up for gastric in the mean time why dont you work on passing me some fudge brownies biatch

My friends understand me!

Tall Blonde Friend from Home: so whats on the agenda for the weekend
Runner of Blog: gf is going to pa so I think i am going to try and stay in on friday
Runner of Blog: i will most likely fail
Tall Blonde Friend from Home: hahha - yeah i would have to vote you on our post college superlative....most likely to drink even though i say im quitting
Runner of Blog: lol
Tall Blonde Friend from Home: you have great fundamentals in terms of being healthy
Tall Blonde Friend from Homee: i just feel like you are easily swayed by the man though
Tall Blonde Friend from Home: like the occasional beer commercial
Runner of Blog: SO EASY
Tall Blonde Friend from Home: by wednesday of each week i almost believe that you're turning a corner... that the healthy weirdo website tha tyou constantly reference is actually inspiring you
Tall Blonde Friend from Home: and then monday comes....and shit has hit the fan
Tall Blonde Friend from Home: so its back to the website again
Tall Blonde Friend from Home: vicious cycle my friend
Runner of Blog: hahahaha IT HAS BEEN ROUGH
Tall Blonde Friend from Home: apparently, but dont worry - my faith in you wont falter
Tall Blonde Friend from Home: ill still keep on believing in you monday through wednesday
Runner of Blog: it just sucks
Tall Blonde Friend from Home: dont get down on yourself, you still have your incredible abilty to pound a beer
Tall Blonde Friend from Home: thats a talent that just shouldnt be tossed aside in lieu of a healthy liver
Runner of Blog: a tear is rolling down my cheek

Friday, August 31, 2007

Yet another odd conversation with Weird Friend

Runner of the Blog: suicide is the only answer for you
Runner of the Blog who could you possibly kill with those pretty manicured hands
Weird Friend: ive killed before
Runner of the Blog: you don't even eat meat - you vegetarian fag
Weird Friend: you are more gay..than richard simmons thats how much you love dicks
Weird Friend: obese schlongs
[13:59] Meebo Message: Weird Friend is offline
[14:49] Meebo Message: Weird Friend is online[14:49]
Weird Friend: YOUR DEAD MEAT
Runner of the Blog: why the anger? does your daddy touch you at work
Weird Friend: of course thats how you think
Weird Friend: the apple doesnt fall far from the tree..with your fathers dog raping charges and all
Weird Friend: its clear that you are a troubled youth..maybe you should try what owen wilson has
Weird Friend: huge homo
Meebo Message: Weird Friend is offline

Fraterinty Brother Teaches me the way

Fraternity Brother #1: for our meeting yesterday they had pizza delivered plenty leftover so ill hit that up
Fraternity Brother #1 cold pizza rules
Runner of the Blog: not a huge fan of cold pizza
Fraternity Borther #1: cause youre not a real man
Runner of the Blog: wow thats rough
Runner of the Blog: i'll eat it., but i don't think it rules
Fraternity Brother #1: people who like cold pizza cant be gay, thats the one thing that differs straights from gays
Runner of the Blog: i thought it was the cock in the ass
Fraternity Brother #1: common misconception

Weird friend Gives me a chance to respond and I failed everyone who reads this blog!

12:11] Werid friend who signs online only to make fun of me: HUGE FAG

[12:58] Meebo Message: Weird Friend who signs online only to make fun of me is offline


Smooth as Sandpaper really impresses me with his Movie Prowess

Runner of Blog: u suck

Smooth as Sandpaper: wow - y do i suck?

Runner of the Blog: general attitude towards people

Smooth as Sandpaper: hmm, did i do something specifically to you?

Runner of the Blog: nope - lets go quail hunting

Smooth as Sandpaper: u go hunting, i'll just eat wut u catch...i want the grub worm population to grow

Runner of the Blog: haahahaha wow

Runner of the Blog: i sincerly respect the responst

My Dog Gets a New Name

The Fiance: The Dog's new nickname is lightning
Runner of the Blog: ummm really
The Fiance: YUP
Runner of Blog: why
The Fiance: cause when i throw her toy she coems back like lightning before i even knew she left
Runner of Blog: wow, her legs are the size of toothpicks
Runner of Blog: height wise - they are literally the size of small toothpicks

Note: My dog is 4 pounds - LITERALLY 4 she weighs less than a gallon of water and the Fiance wants to name it Lightening when in reality it is named after a princess from a disney movie!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A little into my political view! Ignore the piss poor joke about the caveman

22 Ways To Be A Good Democrat
1. You have to be against capital punishment, but support abortion on demand.
2. You have to believe that businesses create oppression and governments create prosperity.
3. You have to believe that guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans are more of a threat than U.S. Nuclear weapons technology in the hands of Chinese and North Korean communists.
4. You have to believe that there was no art before Federal funding.
5. You have to believe that global temperatures are less affected by cyclical documented changes in the earth's climate and more affected by soccer moms driving SUV's.
6. You have to believe that gender roles are artificial but being homosexual is natural.
7. You have to believe that the AIDS virus is spread by a lack of federal funding.
8. You have to believe that the same teacher who can't teach fourth graders how to read is somehow qualified to teach those same kids about sex.
9. You have to believe that hunters don't care about nature, but loony activists who have never been outside of San Francisco do.
10. You have to believe that self-esteem is more important than actually doing something to earn it.
11. You have to believe that Mel Gibson spent $25 million of his own money to make "The Passion of the Christ" for financial gain only.
12. You have to believe the NRA is bad because it supports certain parts of the Constitution, while the ACLU is good because it supports certain parts of the Constitution.
13. You have to believe that taxes are too low, but ATM fees are too high.
14. You have to believe that Margaret Sanger and Gloria Steinem are more important to American history than Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, and A.G. Bell.
15. You have to believe that standardized tests are racist, but racial quotas and set-asides are not.
16. You have to believe that Hillary Clinton is normal and is a very nice person.
17. You have to believe that the only reason socialism hasn't worked anywhere it's been tried is because the right people haven't been in charge.
18. You have to believe conservatives telling the truth belong in jail, but a liar and a sex offender belonged in the White House.
19. You have to believe that homosexual parades displaying drag, transvestites, and bestiality should be constitutionally protected, and mangers scenes at Christmas should be illegal.
20. You have to believe that illegal Democrat Party funding by the Chinese Government is somehow in the best interest to the United States.
21. You have to believe that this message is a part of a vast, right wing conspiracy.
22. You have to believe that it's okay to give Federal workers the day off on Christmas Day but it's not okay to say "Merry Christmas."
Ready to vote???

Despite my absence Weird Kid is still at it!

[16:02] Weird Kid who signs online just to make fun of me: COCK LOVER

[16:05] Meebo Message: Weird Kid who signs online just to make fun of me is offline

Who wants to know this information?

Fraternity Brother #1t: yesterday was odd, that time never came
Runner of Blog: wow very odd
Runner of Blog: you are a pretty regular kid
Fraternity Brother #1: like clockwork
Fraternity Brother #1: good for at least 2 most of the time 3 times a day
Runner of Blog: wow
Runner of Blog: 3 good times a day is freaking impressive
Fraternity Brother #1: you would think id be skinny with a system like that
Runner of Blog: i know who u are at heart
Runner of Blog: and its not a skinny kid
Fraternity Brother #1: no shot

Fraternity Brother #1 Has mad Problems

Runner of Blog: alright i am done at the coal mines
Fraternity Brother #1: at least its not a utah mine
Runner of Blog: see its statements like that
Runner of Blog: which get you into trouble
Fraternity Brother #1: trouble with whom?
Runner of Blog: God

People in my life have no compassion

Runner of Blog:
Runner of Blog: the pain
The Fiance: sorry dear, your quarterback was a dick
Runner of Blog: YOU BEST HAVE SOME COMPASSION or i will beat u tonight
The Fiance: a beating it is!
Runner of Blog: shit this means i have to get a new jersey
The Fiance: lol thats fun
Runner of Blog: can't even get my second fav player since he left to go to seattle this year
The Fiance:
The Fiance: oh no
Runner of Blog: I think i'll go with Hall (star CB)
The Fiance: if they have a jersey fo rhim...
The Fiance: my shirt doesn't have a name right?
Runner of Blog: Hall is abig star
The Fiance: a "big star" lol
The Fiance: neat you tool
Runner of Blog: I keep getting IMs, and texts from people
Runner of Blog: doesn't anyone work

Runner of Blog is an Ass - not funny just wanna share

Runner of Blog: Yo first time ever - i ran out of gas
Fraternity Brother #1: how does that happen
Runner of Blog: i pushed a tad too far and the computer lied to me (said I had 32 miles to go)
Fraternity Brother #1: what did you end up having to do?
Runner of Blog: push it up a large hill with the 2 coworkers I was with - then walked back to the office with them
Runner of Blog: hahahah
Runner of Blog: get the other kid's car then go to lunch then stop at an auto store
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahaha what a dummy, i hope they hate you now
Runner of Blog: Had to get a gas can - THE FUCKING GAS STATION ACROSS FROM THE DEAD CAR DIDN"T HAVE A GAS CAN!!!!!!!!! they said that they only had to buy so i said charge me whatever and then they said no more in stock!
Runner of Blog: I also bought a little fuel injector cleaner as an apology to my baby)
Runner of Blog: then took my .7 or ,8 gallons put it in the car then drove to the gas station
Runner of Blog: and filled up the fucker
Runner of Blog: it took in 17.2 gallons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus the .7 or .8!!!!!!
Runner of Blog: I WAS FUCKING DRY

Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Career Choice for Tall Blonde

Tall Blonde from Home: Husband had the nerve to tell me that i should be the beverage girl!!!!!
Runner of Blog: hahahahaha - that would be sweet
Tall Blonde from Home: riiiiiiight I'm a LITTLE too ld to be a beverage girl
Runner of Blog: beer wench
Tall Blonde from Home: hahahah
Tall Blonde from Home: classy
Runner of Blog: i can throw empty beer cans at you and scream "get me more, beer wench"
Tall Blonde from Home: god that sounds like a bad movie
Runner of Blog: sounds like the best movie ever
Runner of Blog: it will be so bad ass they'll make a movie out of it - Beer Wench the musical
Tall Blonde from Home: omg
Tall Blonde from Homee: and i should wear one of those german beer wench outfits
Runner of Blog: EXACTLY what i am saying with "liderhosen"
Tall Blonde from Home: braids heck yeah
Runner of Blog: i am a fucking genius
Tall Blonde from Home: lol
Tall Blonde from Home: wonder who could mentor me on that one
Runner of Blog: THE FIANCE lol jk
Tall Blonde from Home: hahhahahaha
Runner of Blog: i've been throwing beer at her for years now
Tall Blonde from Home: and shes such a good sport about it - its a good thing youre marrying her
Runner of Blog: not sure what would go down if i really winged a beer at her, however, I am pretty sure you'd have a weekend free next June

Science Teacher Friend needs Motivation

Runner of Blog: how cool was that article i sent u


Tall Science Teacher Friend: i was really cool
Runner of Blog: dude lets do it - we can start our own brand of batteries
Tall Science Teacher Friend: sounds good to me
Runner of Blog: lets just jack the idea
Runner of Blog: The battery can be called "COMBO OF OUR REAL NAMES"
Tall Science Teacher Friend: you getting the suppleis?
Runner of Blog: you get the bacteria! embezzle it from the school
Runner of Blog: i am already cutting costs
Tall Science Teacher Friend: we need to figure out the type of bacteria needed
Runner of Blog: shouldn't be difficult google Bateria
Tall Science Teacher Friend: just leave everything in your fridge for too long and then we can test the bacteria we need to test all different ones
Runner of Blog: shouldn't you know this already
Tall Science Teacher Friend: i never studies bacteria....sorry
Runner of Blog: this will allow us never to work again! we can grow big, get into a fight, and sell our shares to a larger company and talk shit about each other in our mansions
Tall Science Teacher Friend: sounds like a dream plan
Runner of Blog: sweet
Runner of Blog: then reconnect at like 83
Tall Science Teacher Friend: i would rather it happen around 75

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Stop reading the blog! Losers

Runner of Blog: blog has over 700 hits
Fraternity Brother #1: who's reading it?
Runner of Blogs: i dunno, but i bet its people at work reading it, and then think to themsevles that they don't have time at work to write like we do
Runner of Blog: but then are wasting time reading it
Fraternity Brother #1 hahahahahahahaha excellent point
Runner of Blog: probably more time than it took me to write this rant
Fraternity Brother #1: losers

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Peer a bit more into the essence of Runner of Blog

Note - Runner of Blog is a HUGE fan of the Atlanta Falcons

Fraternity Brother #1: vick just pleaded not guilty-no shock
Runner of Blog: sweet
Fraternity Brother #1: in joey harrington we trust
Runner of Blog: sucks dude
Runner of Blog: sucks hardcore ass
Fraternity Brother #1: ive asked am illion times, but how did you become a falcons fan
Runner of Blog: sanders, who didn't like him
Fraternity Brother #1: wooooo the reason you liked the falcons is cause of prime time?
Runner of Blog: and started watchign football
Fraternity Brother #1: hysterical - i was expecting you to say, my grandfather liked them and he got me into them,
but no it was prime time himself
Runner of Blog: dude he was the biggest asshole when i started really getting into football and i obviously had to be a pain in the ass and root against friends and family who like NY Teams
Runner of Blog: cause even then i was an idiot
Fraternity Brother #1: as always the difficult one
Runner of Blog: always was an idiot like that just couldn't go the easy route and choose a ny team
Fraternity Brother #1: its not even about being an idvidual, you just like buggen people hahaha
Runner of Blog: YES Exactly!
Fraternity Brother #1: see i understand you -
some prob think youre being an individual and expressing yourself, but i know better

Runner of Blog: ITS TRUE I SUCK
Fraternity Brother #1: dont be so hard on yourself
Runner of Blog: hahah thanks buddy\

"Attempting" to understand the "other team" and over use of quotation marks

Fraternity Brother #1: as i was walking around at lunch i saw a gay dude cavorting with a flock of fat ugly dames. and i felt bad for him. cause not only is he daddys dissappointment, but he doesnt even at least get to roll with the hot chicks, like most gay guys do
Runner of Blog: gay guys always have hot girls
Fraternity Brother #1: and this one didnt, and first i was baffeled, and then i felt sorry
Runner of Blog: hahahahaha
Runner of Blog: you should have said something
Fraternity Brother #1: i wouldnt go that far
Runner of Blog: be like straight - where your hot bitches at?
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahaha
Runner of Blog: and then call him straight
Fraternity Brother #1: "faker"
Runner of Blog: "you love the VAG"
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahaha

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Dog is a jedi

Runner of Blog: tink would do (referring to my 4 pound dog taking on a snake - like in this news story
The Fiance : i think so too
Runner of Blog: although tink wouldn't get bit
Runner of Blog she would kung fu the shit out of the snake prior to getting bit
The Fiance: i agree
Runner of Blog: that chiuaua is a pussy for getting bit
The Fiance: lol
Runner of Blog: maybe not a pussy cause it showed heart
The Fiance: he definitely did so we shouldn't pick on him
Runner of Blog: fine i'll just pick on his skills or lack thereof
The Fiance: thats fine he did save a child though
Runner of Blog: true, but he got bit in the process
The Fiance
: it's like saying secret service doesn't have skills if they get shot saving the, they just took one for the team to save someone else
Runner of Blog: hmmm you are right they are still heroes but how much more bad ass are they if they stop it and survive/not get hurt
Runner of Blog: stop the attack prior to shots fired
The Fiance: that's pretty awsome
The Fiance: that would be cool...but it's not the same scenario - the dog took the bite for the kid...
The Fiance
: so to talk about something similar the guy has to take the bullet
Runner of Blog: the dog should have sensed danger and jumped on the snake rendering it dead prior to bites occurring
The Fiance: the story isnt' about a dog who destroyed teh snakes plan of attack
Runner of Blog: u are right but it would have made zoey the dog cooler
Runner of Blog: thats all i am saying
Runner of Blog: i bet tink would have thwarted the attack prior to having to take a bite to keep me alive
The Fiance: she does have jedi like senses
Runner of Blog: not jedi-like she is a jedi
Runner of Blog: i am in the midst of training her as my padi-won
The Fiance: good idea

Female President - 24 has gone too far this time!

Fraternity Brother #1:
Runner of Blog: its the only way they can say its not realistic
Runner of Blog: otherwise people would bitch that it is too real and scary
Runner of Blog: and then the producers can respond with - but there was a black president
Runner of Blog: and now a female one
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahaha
Runner of Blog: and as such - its just a show
Fraternity Brother #1: good point, never thought of it like that
Runner of Blog: yeah the chinese and US could have a mini war over russian intelligence, BUT there also could be a second black president, YEAH RIGHT!
Fraternity Brother #1: i hope the show turns into a comedy and theres a running gag that everytime she makes a rash decsion jack whispers, 'must be that time of the month'
Runner of Blog: hahahhaha
Runner of Blog: bomb them? - she must be riding the criminson wave
Runner of Blog: or Bauer could do the old school zach morris thing turn to the camera say "Time out"
Runner of Blog: and then explain how ludicrous this is cause a female is running the country
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahahahahahaha we need to be writing this show
Fraternity Brother #1: and everytime he says his catchphrase theirs cheers and laughter from a fake studio audience
Runner of Blog he breaks someones neck - there are the hoots and hollerings from the soundtrack
Runner of Blog: wow we would drive this show into the ground

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Runner of Blog is taking resumes

Tall Blonde from Home: you convince some poor intern to bring you coffee yet? (referring to my demand for an intern solely to get me coffee)
Runner of Blog: hahahahahhah no
Runner of Blog: haven't seen one today
Runner of Blog: haven't worked up the balls yet lol
Tall Blonde from Home: lol
Runner of Blog: i wanna so bad
Runner of Blog: and throw it at them when its wrong
Tall Blonde from Home: you are mentally deranged

Should I be worried about my Fiance

The Fiance: I need a gay best friend
"Random Gay Friend of Fiance: if you're going to be in pa when i'm there...i'd want to know so we can go wedding dress shopping and cake sampling and flower coordinating and stationary/invitation shopping"
The Fiance: now this would be a good gay best friend
Runner of Blog: who is that? (referring to "Random Gay Friend of Fiance")
The Fiance: He is "X"my friend who is on broadway
Runner of Blog: WOW he loves the man ass
The Fiance: lol see! i need a gay best friend

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Update from Wannabe Doctor Next Door

Wannabe Doctor Next Door: i was on call last night, do u think they let me sleep
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: NO not at all
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: i have to be there at 5 am every morning and every few nights i have to stay up until like 8 am the following day
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: its horrendous and just when u think ur nights over a girl has to go and get shot in the vagina
Runner of Blog: WHAT! shot in the vag?
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: ya no joke
Runner of Blog: that is nuts
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: shot right to the vagina
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: young girl
Runner of Blog: wait I need details
Runner of Blog: what do u mean in the vag? are we talking up or through
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: shoots her in the vajaja lol it went through her labia and also penetrated the rectum i think
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: she needs a colostomy bag for 6 months
Runner of Blog: Through the labia? was she cute?
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: haha i didnt go in to see her cause when i got down to ER there were like 3 other cases including this girl who they found passed out in a motel who is schitzophrenic, depressed, binge drinker, thinks she might be pregnant, has std's, and smokes alot
Runner of Blog: sounds hot
Wannabe Doctor Next Door: and black and blues all over her body, which she says her bf did Runner of Blog: ooo thats not good she is a rat
Wannabe Doctor Next Door hahahahaha

Smooth as Sandpaper takes it too far putting our frienship at risk!

Runner of Blog: sucks that you are going to fail tonight (Smooth had a test for work)
Smooth as Sandpaper: wow, ur like a really big dick
Smooth as Sandpaper: thanx 4 the vote of confidence, scumbag
Runner of Blog: don't get upset - figured you couldn't get a CD to start...this was just the next step
Runner of Blog: hahahah I make myself laugh
Smooth as Sandpaper: fuck off greek boy im gonna ace the test b/c i know everything
Runner of Blog: u don't know dick
Smooth as Sandpaper: thought u'd like 2 know that i just smashed ur coke bottles in the street cocksucker
Runner of Blog: THATS NOT COOL AT ALL - why take it out on the bottles

Note - Runner of Blog has a gay collection of special Coke Bottles from different countries and events

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tinkerbell, Rocky, Roxy, Matches, Taz, Axel, Boomer, and Otis may have been onto something

Runner of Blog: u know how we as humans think we are better than animals?
Fraternity Brother #1: yes sir
Runner of Blog: I always laugh when tink is looking for that exact spot to piss
Runner of Blog: and she goes to the same place
Runner of Blog: yet i go to the same stall or urinal every time!
Runner of Blog: To make it worse, I get pissed when someone fucked it up for me
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahahaha 100% correct, i get so angry if someone is in the shitter i usually go in or its not clean
Runner of Blog: who are we to judge dogs
Fraternity Brother #1: we are no one!
Runner of Blog: pissed off when someone marks our teritory

Note - I apologize to all the dogs named in the title for ever getting annoyed when they searched for that special spot