Thursday, October 11, 2007

I HATE Fraternity Brother #1

Runner of Blog: Future Father in Law made fun that I always bring cake to tailgating. So I explained to him "Its a personal issue - I am willing to accept that I have a problem, but when you take a bite of an oreo cake and wash it down with some ice cold beer, before'll see!"
Fraternity Brother #1: you bring cake to a tailgate? fag
Runner of Blog: dude i've been doing it for years
Fraternity Brother #1: so youve been gay for years, thats cool
Runner of Blog: WOW
Runner of Blog: oreo cake and beer! what could be better?
Fraternity Brother #1: if brought by a woman, fine whatever. but not by a dude
Runner of Blog: dessert after bbq
Fraternity Brother #1: quite frankly if youre gonna do a desert after a bbq it should be a deepfried twinkie or a deep fried oreo
Fraternity Brother #1: not a cake
Fraternity Brother #1: do you make the cake with a cute apron?
Runner of Blog: fuck you - I buy it
Fraternity Brother #1: i can picture you prancing up to the tailgate, with a cake in a box holding it by those fruity strings they wrap around a bakery box
Fraternity Brother #1: stick to what youre good at and bring beer
Runner of Blog: but i do bring beer also
Fraternity Brother #1: you're so hurt right now, arent you?
Runner of Blog: yes i am
Fraternity Brother #1: by beer do you mean wine coolers?
Fraternity Brother #1: im not dissing cake, cake is great. but for it to be a guys contribution at a tailgate, eh
Runner of Blog: u act like thats all i eat - we have burgers, steak, hot dogs, and sometimes sausage
Runner of Blog: lots and lots of beer
Fraternity Brother #1: im not doubting your ability to consume the deliciousness that is tailgate food, or even questioning the amount of beer you can drink (which id never do)
Fraternity Brother #1: what i am saying is that when it comes to a tailgate, everyone brings something. the last thing id do if i was apart of a tailgate is jump up and say, "ill bring the cake!'
Fraternity Brother #1: fuck, if all the meats and rolls and beer was accounted for, then id rather bring 70 bags of dorritos, but never would i volunteer cake
Fraternity Brother #1: let me take you through an exchange shannon and i had when planning a tailgate for jimmy buffett......
Fraternity Brother #1: Fraternity Brother #1's gf: "What should we have for desert? Fraternity Brother #1 aka Man: i dont give a shit. more beer?

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