Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fraternity Brother's Girlfriend is Skating on thin Ice

Fraternity Brother #1: the woman went to the grocery store on sunday while i was driving back from nj, so i rattled off some shit i wanted for dinner, cause she isnt home any of the nights this week, so im on my own. so one of the things i wanted was sausages, 1. to make a meat sauce, 2. to make sausage and peppers
Fraternity Brother #1: and what does she bring home, organic vegan sausage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Runner of Blog: VEGAN
Runner of Blog: that fucking bitch
Runner of Blog: i am so angry with her
Fraternity Brother #1: how do you think i felt..........meatless sausage, i mean do the fucking math on that
Fraternity Brother #1: it cant be good, like doesnt even have a chance at being good
Runner of Blog: that is so fucking nasty
Runner of Blog: and selfish of her
Fraternity Brother #1: and shes like im just tryen to help you be healthy......and thats fine, thats nice i appreciate it. but if you want me to be healthy get a couple of apples, dont get me meatless meat

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