Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lets Delve deeper into the psyche of Fraternity Brother #1

Fraternity Brother #1: my mother was tellen me a story from when i was in grade school.....

Fraternity Brother #1: the teacher asked everyone what they wanted to be when they grew up, and everyone said doctor, lawyer, teacher something like that....

Fraternity Brother #1: my answer was, 'i wanted to be a hammock sailsmen in key west'..... and the teacher was concerned that i didnt have the aspirations of others so my mom had to be brought in for a conference

Fraternity Brother #1: to this day my mom doesnt understand where at the young age i had learned about key west, but i was an odd kid

Fraternity Brother #1: her favorite story to tell of me is from kindgergarden another parent teacher conference that was called. we were all coloring in class, and i put my crayons down. and walked over to her desk and took her newspaper and sat down and started looking at it. clearly i didnt know how to read at the age of 5, but i was just looking at it.....

Fraternity Brother #1: the teacher came over and asked what i was doing and why wasnt i coloring. and she said i put the paper down in a huff, like she was bothering me and said, 'lets be honest. coloring and staying the line won't help me get in a good college. clearly more can be learned from reading a newspaper then from coloring goofy.' and i picked the paper up and started reading/looking at it.

Fraternity Brother #1: so my mom had to be brought in because i wasnt following the rest of the class

Fraternity Brother #1: very odd, i think it came from a lot of tv watching

Runner of Blog: I am feeling the movie cocktail was in there some where

Fraternity Brother #1: it was, loved that movie as a kid - totally, i remember watching that flick, commando, rambo, and the terminator over and over as a kid

Runner of Blog: i hope your parents put more love into your sister

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