Thursday, October 4, 2007

Welcome Sensitive Guido Guy

Sensitive Guido Guy: what is your percentage now - avin is in (Referring to my Homecoming Appearance despite my advanced age)

Runner of Blog: i am 100% - because "Buddy not on blog yet" is going to come with me

Sensitive Guido Guy: thats serious

Runner of Blog: and if it sucks he'll drive me home or drive me to a location that doesn't suck

Sensitive Guido Guy: it probably will so lets get wasted quick

Sensitive Guido Guy: u always get chauffered around - how do you do that? your like miss daisy

Runner of Blog: hahahaha

Sensitive Guido Guy: or a mob gangster

Runner of Blog: because people know that i will sit home or sleep on a curb before driving home drunk

Sensitive Guido Guy: you should have buddy drive you in a black lincoln and sit in the back

Runner of Blog: and scream racist things at buddy?

Sensitive Guido Guy: hahahah


Runner of Blog: hahahahaha - if it does suck you can leave with me and crash at my condo

Sensitive Guido Guy: that soundsed semi gay

Runner of Blog: really? i meant it in the straightest way

Sensitive Guido Guy: hahah

Runner of Blog: i have 2 different rooms with 2 different beds or 3 walk in closets you can sleep in

Runner of Blog: you could theoretically have 3 doors between us that I would have open up before I cuddled with you

Sensitive Guido Guy: wow

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