Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tinkerbell, Rocky, Roxy, Matches, Taz, Axel, Boomer, and Otis may have been onto something

Runner of Blog: u know how we as humans think we are better than animals?
Fraternity Brother #1: yes sir
Runner of Blog: I always laugh when tink is looking for that exact spot to piss
Runner of Blog: and she goes to the same place
Runner of Blog: yet i go to the same stall or urinal every time!
Runner of Blog: To make it worse, I get pissed when someone fucked it up for me
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahahaha 100% correct, i get so angry if someone is in the shitter i usually go in or its not clean
Runner of Blog: who are we to judge dogs
Fraternity Brother #1: we are no one!
Runner of Blog: pissed off when someone marks our teritory

Note - I apologize to all the dogs named in the title for ever getting annoyed when they searched for that special spot

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Random Thoughts said...

I received a disturbing message from "Smooth as Sandpaper" - He wanted all 7 of my readers to know that the correct spelling of his dog's name was Tazz not Taz. SO SORRY FOR ALL THOSE (all 7) who were confused!