Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Little About Runner of Blog

These are quotes from a professional personality test given to me at work. It gives you an insight to who I am - and if you already know me, just laugh at the accuracy:

I am a "persuader"
Runner of Blog likes quality social relationships, he likes freedom from many controls
he tends to trust people and may be taken advantage of because of his trust
he is gregarious and sociable
He likes feeback from his manager on how he is
He is driven by status and power
when he has strong feelings about a particular problem, you should expect to hear these feelings and they will probably be expressed in an emotional manner
He may leap to a favorable conclusion without considering all the facts
Communication can extend from friendly to argumentative discourse
He tends to influence people to his way of thinking by using verbiage as compared with others who like to use reports
He judges others by their verbal skills and warmth
"He may not understand why everyone doesn't see life as he does!"

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