Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I learn a little about Smooth before he insults me and Leaves me

Runner of Blog: Lunch?
Smooth as Sandpaper: nope, goin 2 the gym
Runner of Blog: but i am hungry. Want me to wait till after u get out
Runner of Blog: is it me? do u not like me
Smooth as Sandpaper: itz part of it
Runner of Blog: wow only part? if i didn't like someone that'd be most of it
Smooth as Sandpapers: do u really want to wait 2hrs?
Runner of Blog: 2 hours!!!!!!! what the fuck are you doing there
Smooth as Sandpaper: im in the gym for about 2hrs everyday. how do u think i've lost so much weight?
Runner of Blog: drugs - coke head
Smooth as Sandpaper: thas it, dick
Runner of Blog: dick? i am not the one bumping lines to be skinny
Smooth as Sandpaper: nice ur a real good friend
Runner of Blog: u won't even eat with me
Smooth as Sandpaper: i like u as a person, but u usually smell like shit, and itz not really ur fault it is ur heritage greeks usually smell
Smooth as Sandpaper: heres a quick joke 4 u before i leave- what has 4 legs and 4 arms and never works out?
Runner of Blog: i failed to come up with a witty remark, so go for it
Smooth as Sandpaper: marriage
Runner of Blog: WOW not sure if you remember but i just got engaged like 3 months ago u were at my engagement party on sat
Runner of Blog: i could use a bit of optimisim
Smooth as Sandpaper: hey not my fault u have no sense of humor

Runner of Blog: i made it through lunch, but it was hard
Smooth as Sandpaper: good 4 u buddy i had faith
Smooth as Sandpaper: how do u feel about me leaving u mid conversation to go shower
Runner of Blog: not very good. Doesn't leave me warm and fuzzy
Runner of Blog: Hello?

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