Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Inspiring the Fiancee

The Fiancee: do you think if we snuck by the pool tonight we could put our hands in the wet cement
Runner of Blog: depends will the cement be wet? and can we get past the security guardThe Fiancee: hmmm
Runner of Blog: i am willing to try if you stretch out first. don't want you pulling a hammy
The Fiancee: lol true although i am fast
Runner of Blog: once stretched - before that you are too slow
The Fiancee: lol true
Runner of Blog: hmmm maybe you should start stretching now
The Fiancee: you think?
Runner of Blog: yeah, you probably need a good couple hours of stretching in there before we reach "fast" FIANCE stage
The Fiancee: lol ya or a few years of wokring out...
Runner of Blog: don't get down on yourself, just start stretching now - i'll be home in a few hours from work
The Fiancee: ok

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