Thursday, June 7, 2007

Knocking Tall Blonde a few feet down! A MUST READ if you know TALL BLONDE

Tall Blonde From Home: oh and by the way I'm slightly disturbed with your blog post re: the hanger
Runner of Blog: HAHAHAHA that went wrong, very quickly
Tall Blonde From Home: my vagina felt violated
Runner of Blog: HA thats rough
Tall Blonde From Home: yeah - just really wrong of your frat brother
Runner of Blog: so it didn't make you feel sexy is what you are saying
Tall Blonde From Home: pretty much the exact opposite. I found myself crossing my legs subconsciously trying to protect my uterus
Runner of Blog: hahahahha HIDE THE UTERUS
Tall Blonde From Home: at all costs
Tall Blonde From Home: the ancient renaissance painters appreciated the uterus...the least you can do is respect it
Tall Blonde From Home: did the davinci code teach you nothing?
Runner of Blog: hahahah - that either da vinci is nuts OR the chruch is Evil
Tall Blonde From Home: well i agree with you on the church thing, but worshiping the puss....he got that part right
Tall Blonde From Home: as stated in the 40 year old virgin "putting the pussy on a pedestal"[11:13]
Runner of Blog: HAHAHAHAHA lets slow down
Runner of Blog: da vanici was only putting one puss on a pedestal
Runner of Blog: i.e. the one that birthed the son of God
Runner of Blog: so unless you are pushing out some messiahs slow your roll
Tall Blonde From Home: hahhahahaha pretty sure contributing gargantuan redheaded basketball players to society will be no small fete
Tall Blonde From Home: cause lord only knows that i will one day give birth to papa sized tikes (note that Tall Blonde's genes which make her tall come from her bear like father - see past posts)
Tall Blonde From Home: and yes...the vagina deserves credit for that one
Runner of Blog: while your family might have large heads
Runner of Blog: and large bodies
Runner of Blog: and yes it will suck
Runner of Blog: i will give you a present and a pat on the back
Runner of Blog: you don't deserve the worship of the holy vagina that gave birth on that faithful day which changed the history of the world
Tall Blonde From Home: fair enough
Tall Blonde From Home: and you can keep your pat on the back

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