Monday, June 4, 2007

Strippers are bad

Fraternity Brother #1: I'm excited for this weekends strip club. cause itll be all nude and in ac itll prob be trashier
[10:04] Runner of Blog: ac has some dirty strip clubs
[10:04] Fraternity Brother #1: yeah dude. the one we were at on saturday wasnt all nude, which stinks
[10:06] Runner of Blog: in ny 99% aren't all nudes
[10:07] Fraternity Brother #1: a lot in jersey are. but they dont serve alcohol. but will allow you to bring your own in. which is amazing to me
[10:09] Runner of Blog: wow you bring in your own is amazing. So i can see women AND don't have to pay 8 bucks a beer
[10:10] Fraternity Brother #1: seriously. basically you pay a $25 cover, and then the rest can be put towards the dames
[10:22] Runner of Blog: lol dames? you mean sluts
Fraternity Brother #1: yeah i suppose that would be more fitting
Fraternity Brother #1: you a big strip club person?
[10:25] Runner of Blog: i hate strip clubs
[10:25] Fraternity Brother #1: yeah not a big fan of them myself, i never know how to act in there
[10:25] Runner of Blog: its not even that - its the fact that i drop money like its nothing
Fraternity Brother #1: cause you know why?
[10:25] Runner of Blog: THEY ARE NAKED......and i have no will power
[10:26] Runner of Blog: and then what do i get when i leave there? Nothing not even drunk cause i can't afford to give all my money away AND pay for 8 dollar beers

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