Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Instance of Fraternity Brother #1's deranged sense of humor

Runner of Blog: dude
Runner of Blog: RANDOM FRATERNITY BROTHER was reading the hofstra alum mag
Runner of Blog: and there was a "FRATERNITY BROTHER #1's Name" who graduated in 2003 (with us) who got married to some asian chick
Franterity Brother #1: They finally put that in
Franterity Brother #1: tell him i want a copy of that - i submitted that about year ago
Runner of Blog: are you serious
Franterity Brother #1: i wanted to see what theyd put in, so i said i married a vietnamese woman ying lao or something to that effect
Franterity Brother #1: everytime i got an issue of the mag, id scour it to see if they put it in and finally they did
Franterity Brother #1: im 100% serious too
Runner of Blog: WOW u are so fucke dup
Franterity Brother #1: thanks buddy
Franterity Brother #1: wow, im so thrilled
Franterity Brother #1: that is exactly why i put it in there for this day. for someone i know to read it and go, 'whaaaaaat'
Runner of Blog: you are insane
Franterity Brother #1: that means so much
Runner of Blog: You just stole RANDOM FRATERNITY BROTHER'S Thunder cause he submitted their wedding also
Franterity Brother #1: im so thrilled today, you have no idea
Runner of Blog: amazing u never cease to amaze
Franterity Brother #1: and that my friend is why i submitted, so people would say that to me
Runner of Blog: JM saw your ad too
Franterity Brother #1: oh the more i hear about it, the happier i am
Runner of Blog: send a picture of you and an oriental off the street to nationals
Franterity Brother #1: an oriental man
Runner of Blog: You are a mess

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