Thursday, June 7, 2007

Woe is Fraternity Brother #1

Fraternity Brother #1: so lemme ask ya sumtin
Runner of Blog: k
Fraternity Brother #1: at your place you and fiance have two couches...when you guys are watching tv do you sit on the same couch or separate
Runner of Blog: we were same couch tilla bout 3 months ago when she unilaterally decided that the time spent spreading my legs all over her had to stop
Fraternity Brother #1: hmmmm interesting, maybe im the heartless one then
Runner of Blog: nah i
[12:40] Fraternity Brother #1: i got flack for not wanting to watch so you think you can dance with her, which led to the couch fight
Runner of Blog: i am a sprawler so if she can handle my fat ass all over the couch then i'll stay
Runner of Blog: but if she says anything about moving off her i just leave the couch
Fraternity Brother #1: when your on the same couch, is there cuddling or just you sprawling
Runner of Blog: sprawling[12:44]
Runner of Blog: rarely is their the cuddle on the couch however when there is cuddle on the couch its one of us just lying on the other[12:44] Runner of Blog: which is a just a variation of the sprawl
Fraternity Brother #1: see, she likes when i lay behind her and cuddle on the couch, which is beyond uncomfortable and then i get flack for when i want to move after 5 minutes
Runner of Blog: thats mad annoying
Fraternity Brother #1: you have no idea

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