Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sometimes you have to Look inward and decide whats important

Fraternity Brother #1: so youve inspired me
Fraternity Brother #1: im going to quit soda cold turkey, im gonna have one today as farewell and then thats it
Runner of Blog: WOW i am pumped for you
Runner of Blog: isn't it funny that we do this shit - Yet we can polish off 8 beers without blinking
Fraternity Brother #1: the irony is amazing when you break it down like that
Runner of Blog: you lift 6 days a week (NOTE Runner of Blog DOES NTO WORK OUT 6 TIMES A WEEK), eat right, quit soda and friday rolls around
Runner of Blog: and you finish 8 beers - a light night
Fraternity Brother #1: with not even a thought of calorie excess
Runner of Blog: even a light beer that equals 880 calories
Runner of Blog: which does not include the amount of food eaten afterward
Runner of Blog: then passing out
Fraternity Brother #1: and then bein hungover the next day, and eating a greesy breakfast and not doing anything all day and if it happens to be a saturday, you then do the same thing sat night, and repeat said greasy breakfast and no activity on sunday
Fraternity Brother #1: but soda is a no-no
Runner of Blog: soda and coffee - OUT
Fraternity Brother #1: they are both evil. beer is our friend
Fraternity Brother #1: me too, hows this for irony. so i go to pick up my last soda. i get back to the office sit down and unscrew the cap, and what does it say, 'congrads you've won a free soda!'
Runner of Blog: Damn it you have to get it, bottom line
Fraternity Brother #1: i dont have a choice - the cap is telling me to get it
Runner of Blog: ZERO choice

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