Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Smooth as Sandpaper takes it too far putting our frienship at risk!

Runner of Blog: sucks that you are going to fail tonight (Smooth had a test for work)
Smooth as Sandpaper: wow, ur like a really big dick
Smooth as Sandpaper: thanx 4 the vote of confidence, scumbag
Runner of Blog: don't get upset - figured you couldn't get a CD to start...this was just the next step
Runner of Blog: hahahah I make myself laugh
Smooth as Sandpaper: fuck off greek boy im gonna ace the test b/c i know everything
Runner of Blog: u don't know dick
Smooth as Sandpaper: thought u'd like 2 know that i just smashed ur coke bottles in the street cocksucker
Runner of Blog: THATS NOT COOL AT ALL - why take it out on the bottles

Note - Runner of Blog has a gay collection of special Coke Bottles from different countries and events

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