Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Attempting" to understand the "other team" and over use of quotation marks

Fraternity Brother #1: as i was walking around at lunch i saw a gay dude cavorting with a flock of fat ugly dames. and i felt bad for him. cause not only is he daddys dissappointment, but he doesnt even at least get to roll with the hot chicks, like most gay guys do
Runner of Blog: gay guys always have hot girls
Fraternity Brother #1: and this one didnt, and first i was baffeled, and then i felt sorry
Runner of Blog: hahahahaha
Runner of Blog: you should have said something
Fraternity Brother #1: i wouldnt go that far
Runner of Blog: be like straight - where your hot bitches at?
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahaha
Runner of Blog: and then call him straight
Fraternity Brother #1: "faker"
Runner of Blog: "you love the VAG"
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahaha

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