Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Runner of Blog is an Ass - not funny just wanna share

Runner of Blog: Yo first time ever - i ran out of gas
Fraternity Brother #1: how does that happen
Runner of Blog: i pushed a tad too far and the computer lied to me (said I had 32 miles to go)
Fraternity Brother #1: what did you end up having to do?
Runner of Blog: push it up a large hill with the 2 coworkers I was with - then walked back to the office with them
Runner of Blog: hahahah
Runner of Blog: get the other kid's car then go to lunch then stop at an auto store
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahaha what a dummy, i hope they hate you now
Runner of Blog: Had to get a gas can - THE FUCKING GAS STATION ACROSS FROM THE DEAD CAR DIDN"T HAVE A GAS CAN!!!!!!!!! they said that they only had to buy so i said charge me whatever and then they said no more in stock!
Runner of Blog: I also bought a little fuel injector cleaner as an apology to my baby)
Runner of Blog: then took my .7 or ,8 gallons put it in the car then drove to the gas station
Runner of Blog: and filled up the fucker
Runner of Blog: it took in 17.2 gallons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus the .7 or .8!!!!!!
Runner of Blog: I WAS FUCKING DRY

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