Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fraternity Brother #1 has problems

[09:59] Runner of Blog: just found out one of the weddings i had this summer is off
[10:00] Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahaha why?
[10:01] Runner of Blog: its gf's cousin
[10:01] Fraternity Brother #1: whys it off?
[10:01] Runner of Blog: don't have the whole story, but it seems like they had a couple brawls and the last one was she was trying to control him and his hobby
[10:02] Fraternity Brother #1: oh i hope it involves a man of color and block of cheese
[10:02] Fraternity Brother #1: what was his hobby? beating her?
[10:02] Runner of Blog: WOW, no bike riding
[10:04] Fraternity Brother #1: nah went right for the beating
[10:04] Fraternity Brother #1: but what was his hobby?
[10:04] Runner of Blog: i said bike riding,but he did those like all day 40 mile things
[10:05] Fraternity Brother #1: hmmmmmmm, dont know if i like the guy or respect the guy. on one hand he chose a bike over a woman, which is cool if youre gonna win the tour de france and bang chicks because of it. but on the other hand i respect him, cause he had enough nagging and he walked
[10:06] Runner of Blog: good logic - he knew he didn't want to listen to that for the rest of his life, better than a divorce in 3 years with a kid
[10:07] Fraternity Brother #1: yeah, so in the end i think i respect him. on the one hand (Runner of Blog'sFIANCE) cousin has to feel like shit that schwin is more important to him
[10:08] Runner of Blog: nope the guy was gf's cousin. In reality i am sure this guy was being beaten over and over and this was the final straw before the big I DO
[10:09] Fraternity Brother #1: hands down thats the case. im sure she nagged him about bigger things, but it was the bike that put it over the top
[10:10] Fraternity Brother #1: what does he do for work that he has time to bike 40 miles a day. i barely have time for an hour workout at this dude is biking all day?

[10:11] Fraternity Brother #1: is he a HS principal so on weekend, during the day
he'll be gone for long periods of time
[10:12] Fraternity Brother #1: he's banging another dame
[10:12] Runner of Blog: hahaha
[10:12] Runner of Blog: possible, but unlikely
[10:12] Runner of Blog: they seemed happy
[10:12] Fraternity Brother #1: a student!
[10:12] Runner of Blog: you are insane
[10:13] Fraternity Brother #1: he's not riding bikes, hes riding students
[10:16] Runner of Blog: only if they are 17 years old or older
[10:17] Fraternity Brother #1: no thats whats known as a fun killer
[10:18] Runner of Blog: the 17 year old thing
[10:18] Fraternity Brother #1: yes

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