Friday, April 27, 2007

09:27] Tall Blonde from Home: believe me...he doesnt get any, we live in his parents house
[09:29] Runner of Blog: boo
[09:29] Runner of Blog: don't take it to extremes
[09:31] Tall Blonde from Home: you try it, its terrible
[09:33] Runner of Blog: makes it fun! have to sneak a little lol
[09:33] Tall Blonde from Home: he's got 22 days, he can hold out
[09:33] Runner of Blog: F U I am standing up for the poor guy I am protesting
[09:34] Tall Blonde from Home: hahahhaha
[09:34] erogdakis: 3 freaking weeks that is ridiculous
[09:34] Tall Blonde from Home: he would appreciate that
[09:34] Runner of Blog: the trade off for being married and long term relationship is sex often
[09:35] Tall Blonde from Home: thats fine...when his parents dont live down the hall i'm all for that
[09:35] Tall Blonde from Home: its not like i'm withholding it all the time
[09:35] Tall Blonde from Home: i just refuse to do it if someones in the house
[09:35] Tall Blonde from Home: its like sacraligous
[09:35] Runner of Blog: you should atleast fold up your knee or something give the guy some friction
[09:36] Tall Blonde from Home: hahhahahahha
[09:36] Runner of Blog: 22 days is bullshit poor dude
[09:37] Tall Blonde from Home: its not like its gonna fall off
[09:37] Runner of Blog: nah Thats EXACTLY what will happen i.e. if you don't use it, you lose it
[09:37] Tall Blonde from Home: hahah...educated from the 40 year old virgin?
[09:39] Runner of Blog: nah i caught the guy trying to run away during a drier period in my younger days and from that point on i realized i had to have sex
[09:39] Runner of Blog: OR ELSE
[09:39] Tall Blonde from Home: i'd really like to know the medical terminology on this one
[09:40] Runner of Blog: penialogy
[09:40] Tall Blonde from Home: use-it--or-lose-it-itis?
[09:40] Runner of Blog: penialogy is the study of this phenomenon and the correct medical term is ballessgayitis
[09:41] Tall Blonde from Home: and whats the transverse on that one? what if the dude's holding out?
[09:41] Runner of Blog: then the brain makes certain chemicals which determines that it is the man's decision and he is still in charge
[09:41] Runner of Blog: that hormone is known as testosterone .
[09:43] Tall Blonde from Home: so can this "hold out" be deemed as mental abuse?
[09:43] Tall Blonde from Home: since i am screwing with his head...
[09:43] Runner of Blog: .in new york the term is constructive abandonment (this part is for real) and appreantly you aren't screwing anything
[09:48] Tall Blonde from Home: damn you lawyers
[09:49] Runner of Blog: lol
[09:49] Runner of Blog: if the husband needs representation give him my number
[09:49] Runner of Blog: for no sex - i'll represent him pro bono
[09:50] Tall Blonde from Home: wait...hold up...who's friend were you first?
[09:50] Runner of Blog: friend first? My first friend is to sex
[09:51] Tall Blonde from Home: i see where your loyalty lies
[09:51] Runner of Blog: now? I don't think you could have been more aware that my loyalty lies with sex
[09:53] Tall Blonde from Home: actually....yes....but still kinda shocked that semen is thicker than blood
[09:53] Runner of Blog: but we aren't related by blood?
[09:53] Tall Blonde from Home: so to speak....not like we're related...but friends dont share any liquids
[09:53] Tall Blonde from Home: its all i could come up with on the fly
[09:53] Runner of Blog: come on you are better than that


matthew.wyman said...
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Jen said...

I'm with tall blonde friend from home...if you are going to choose to live with the inlaws then there has to be some sacrifices, and luckily this particular sacrifice has an end date so therefore I believe they will make it through!