Friday, April 27, 2007

Attempting to Understand Women

11:42] THE Fiance: A study conducted by marital researcher Dr. John Gottman found that men who do more housework have better sex lives than those who don't. The theory is that a helpful husband makes his wife feel more respected, and, in turn, makes her more likely to give back to her mate. Tell him that, and he'll never look at a feather duster the same way again.
[11:45] Runner of Blog: interesting but maybe, and just maybe, it is the housework that causes the headaches women rely on to deny sex, and as such, men won't be in the mood
[11:45] THE Fiance: thats not what the study says
[11:48] Runner of Blog: hmmm i need the citations used
[11:48] Runner of Blog: sample size
[11:48] Runner of Blog: presumptions made
[11:49] Runner of Blog : 3 years of law school will come in handy to break down this garbage study put forward by upset housewives that have no job except to keep the house clean and want help cause its too hard

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