Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Post that started it

[15:15] Fraternity Brother #1: woman is ticked at me that i wont go to one of her running races this weekend to cheer her on
[15:17] Runner of Blog:THEN TELL HER SHE SHOULD COME TO THE UNION OF TWO SOULS (note fraternity brother #1 gf does not want to go to a wedding he is in the wedding party)
[15:19] Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahahahahahaha, i told her to do a sport that i can watch her continously doing, instead of me waiting around a finish line for 2 hours hoping to see her as she crosses
[15:20] Runner of blog: thats why you pick up a hot chick who is waiting for her idiotic partner to run to a finish line for some meaningless personal reason
[15:21] Fraternity Brother #1: i dont understand road races. she forked over $40 to run in this thing, when in reality she coulda just ran around the block a couple of times for free
[15:21] Runner of blog: and then u could have waited for 2 hours to finish watching porn and come out and greet her and tell her congrats
[15:22] Fraternity Brother #1: exactly, every sport this woman has ever done has involved me sitting around for hours and only have seconds of payoff
[15:23] Runner of blog: she doesn't to see if you will actually do it
[15:23] Runner of blog: you know she laughs it up with all her friends and shit
[15:23] Runner of blog: "that fucking ass face sat around for 2 hours while i boned out in the woods, and then he cheered me on when i got back with man juice running down my leg"
[15:24] Runner of blog: ooo that was angry
[15:24] Fraternity Brother #1: good thing ive bee nstrong
[15:24] Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha
[15:25] Fraternity Brother #1: the man juice running down the leg, sealed that joke

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