Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My buddy needs a new his priorities checked!

Life Insurance Queen: so i got a late present last night in the mail - to me...from me
Runner of Blog: russian mail order bride?
Life Insurance Queen: hahah almost better
Runner of Blog: REALLY?!
Life Insurance Queen: new blackberry curve
Runner of Blog: ummmm thats better?
Life Insurance Queen: i said ALMOST
Runner of Blog: really? almost
Life Insurance Queen: well i weighed out the pros and cons to everything....upsides - curve is just fuckin cool v. having a permanent sex slave....downsides - curve can break v. bride can give me climidia
Runner of Blog: SEX SLAVE WINS you idiot
Life Insurance Queen: yes, moron....that's why curve ALMOST won....not by a stretch though
Life Insurance Queen: lemme ask you this - if i were to say, wii or would that fair?
Runner of Blog: is THE Fiance ok with the mail order bride?
Life Insurance Queen: maybe??
Runner of Blog: well that makes a HUGE difference in my analysis
Runner of Blog: if Jen is ok with me having a sex slave and not giving me shit about a random russian broad in the closet there would be a different analysis
Life Insurance Queen: well you completely ruined all excitement i had about this blackberryLife
Insurance Queen: im going to go curl up into a ball and play brickbreaker
Runner of Blog: yeah sounds much better than having sex and then beating your russian mail order chick
Life Insurance Queen: THAT'S IT!, I'm throwing this piece of shit in the garbage!!!!!!
Runner of Blog: first make a call
Runner of Blog: to RUSSIA

Life Insurance Queen: so i returned the curve already...svetlana will be arriving next tuesday

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