Wednesday, February 13, 2008

26 Years Old does not mean you know how to take a piss

Fraternity Brother #1: what up wasnt paying attention today at work while I pissed and got it on my shirt
Runner of Blog: HAHAHAH really?
Fraternity Brother #1: yeah, i stink - literally
Runner of Blog: thats amazing...was it a splash back situation? or literally pissed on your hanging shirt
Fraternity Brother #1: just the shirt hanging down lower then i thought, and it took me a second to realize it
Runner of Blog: white shirt? is it yellow now
Fraternity Brother #1: blue shirt, it was a clear water piss, so ill live
Runner of Blog: considering my "specialness" whent it comes to pissing and drinking I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT
Fraternity Brother #1: hahhahahahaha never?
Runner of Blog: well none that i can remember

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