Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who is better than Wanna Be Doctor? Be true to thyself

Runner of Blog: what up tough guy
Wanna be Doctor: sup tough guy - whats the dillio
Runner of Blog: nothing crazy just living
Wanna be Doctor: not bad
Wanna be Doctor: whats new
Runner of Blog: somoeone's gotta keep the rich richer
Wanna be Doctor: ur fighting the good fight
Wanna be Doctor: my man
Wanna be Doctor: keep it going
Runner of Blog: Someone has to stand up for the silent minority
Wanna be Doctor: tis true
Runner of Blog: if not me? then who? someone who will give the government more money at death! I THINK NOT
Runner of Blog: i can't live with that on my conscious
Wanna be Doctor: a true humanitarian - thats all i can say
Runner of Blog: Thanks buddy
Runner of Blog: similarly, I am sure thats why you are going into rehab medicine
Wanna be Doctor: very true, the weakest members of society i need to watch over them
Wanna be Doctor: faughn them back to civilization
Runner of Blog: not so you can selfishly fulfill your desire to help that poor illegal immigrant worker who has fallen, but rather you selflessly put yourself on the line to help those housewives who slipped on a ptach of ice and need to be massaged back to health
Wanna be Doctor: add quality to their life
Runner of Blog: We Rule
Wanna be Doctor: we do, don't we
Wanna be Doctor: the difference is one day i hope to use your services, while i hope that u never need mine

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