Monday, February 11, 2008

I Love Garlic Powder

Fraternity Brother #1: how was the weekend?
Runner of Blog:
Fraternity Brother #1: end up getting sloppy?
(I went to visit the Fiance's Sister for her Boyfriend's birthday)
Runner of Blog: a little bit
Runner of Blog: we got an entire pie of pizza on the way home - i stole a bowl of garlic powder - came out from the pizza place running with a full bowl and their spoon
Runner of Blog: woke up on the gf's sister's couch fully clothed
Fraternity Brother #1: by day youre a fancy lawyer working with high priced clients and fancy man planning a wedding, by night youre a garlic powder stealing degenerate
Runner of Blog: When i woke up I looked in the pizza box there were 3 slices left, so I asked everyone if they happen to have any....
Runner of Blog: They said no...but i am hoping they were lying
Fraternity Brother #1: Probably not

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