Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How to get rid of your anniversary

[16:23] Fraternity Brother Number #1: today woulda been 5 years for the woman and i. im glad she dumped my ass cause it got me out of giving a gift
[16:25] Runner of Blog: HAHAHAHAHAH
[16:25] Runner of Blog: you don't count the off time? (Note that Fraternity Brother Number #1's gf dumped him to take time to find her hippie self and not live with him)
[16:25] Fraternity Brother Number #1: hell no, it was nearly a year of off time
[16:26] Runner of Blog: so when is your anniv
[16:26] Runner of Blog: or did she lose that in the off time
[16:26] Fraternity Brother Number #1: its gone!
[16:27] Fraternity Brother Number #1: ill get her flowers today with a card saying, "happy what woulda been 5 years if ya didn't dump me'
[16:28] Runner of Blog: WOW
[16:28] Runner of Blog: you lost an anniversary
[16:29] Fraternity Brother Number #1: it was nice actually. cause 5 years i woulda had to do something a little bigger for, not anymore friend
[16:29] Runner of Blog: genius
[16:29] Fraternity Brother Number #1: in my eyes we've only been together 4 years and 2 months
[16:31] Fraternity Brother Number #1: maybe im in the wrong, who knows
[16:31] Runner of Blog: nah dude, you aren't
[16:32] Fraternity Brother Number #1: glad ya got me on this one
[16:34] Runner of Blog: absolutely
[16:34] Runner of Blog: if she didn't destroy 10 months of your life she could have a gift
[16:35] Fraternity Brother Number #1: exactly, i may get a card and write in it, 'sorry the money i woulda spent on a gift, i spent in 10 months of alcohol drowning my sorrows'
[16:36] Runner of Blog: or hookers for the weekend after you put my heart in a meat grinder
[16:36] Fraternity Brother Number #1: hahahahahahahahaha how tough would we be if we actually did the things we spoke of?
[16:38] Runner of Blog: we would be so bad ass
[16:38] Runner of Blog: but yet were are here
[16:38] Runner of Blog: we are here online talking shit

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