Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Jack Bauer Admiration

Fraternity Brother #1: i still want jack bauer to open a martial art school
Runner of Blog: hahahha, or the guy who taught bauer!
Fraternity Brother #1: nope, bauer could beat him
Runner of Blog: u are right but bauer wouldn't teach
Runner of Blog: i always wonder what bauer makes salary wise
Fraternity Brother #1: dude, no joke ive wondered that since season 1
Fraternity Brother #1: he's saved the world a number of times, saved the president even more. i mean they at least have to let him not pay taxes
Runner of Blog: i mean does he just write on his W-4 - Bauer, I have a pass
Fraternity Brother #1: Bauer doesnt have time to add lines A-H
Runner of Blog: a W-2 form can suck his nut sack

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