Monday, May 7, 2007

Lunch is important

13:19] Fraternity Brother #1: just had a fat buffalo wrap
[13:19] Runner of Blog: OOO NICE
[13:20] Fraternity Brother #1: homemade, so its made with love
[13:20] Runner of Blog: or cyanide so gf doens't have to go to the wedding
[13:21] Fraternity Brother #1: nope, i made it myself. i cant trust her making my lunch
[13:22] Runner of Blog: hahaha why
[13:22] Fraternity Brother #1: 1. I'm an independent 2. She wouldnt give it the attention it deserves
[13:24] Runner of Blog: probably just throw raw chicken on one piece of bread adn tell you to fucking deal
[13:25] Fraternity Brother #1: exactly, or arrange deli meat flat, so it looks like i have a thin sandwich I dont want a thin sandwich
[13:25] Runner of Blog: cut u off from goodness so you could lose weight when really its her own self image that is the problem
[13:27] Fraternity Brother #1: not even trying to get me to loose weight. but its since she'd not want to make my lunch she'd just throw the meat on the bread. i like to fold the meat as it's placed, gives it some build. i like my sandwiches like i like my men, gurthy
[13:28] Runner of Blog: is that why we are friends
[13:29] Fraternity Brother #1: the only reason
[13:29] Runner of Blog: sweet

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