Friday, May 11, 2007

Die Hard and Equality

Fraternity Brother Number 1: just read that the 4th die hard got a pg-13 rating, thats gross
Runner of Blog: Horrible
Fraternity Brother Number 1: i had the same reaction. there's a website w/ a petition to change it to R
Runner of Blog: hahaha
Fraternity Brother Number 1:
Fraternity Brother Number 1: its got 559 signatures
Runner of Blog: hahaha u are number 559
Runner of Blog: i want Bruce cursing and yelling at minorities in his standard angry voice
Fraternity Brother Number 1: damn right i am. thats what die hard is!
Fraternity Brother Number 1: why are we becoming such pussies as a society?
Runner of Blog: this is the PUSSIFICATION of America
Runner of Blog: wahhh my 12 year old should see the movie and it needs to be clean - They should! but with cursing
Fraternity Brother Number 1: let me tell you something, I was 7 or 8 years old when i saw the first die hard on hbo, i was 10 when i saw the second, my dad took me to the see the third in the movie theater when i was 14, and i turned out normal
Fraternity Brother Number 1: why do we have to tone everything down for children? we're raising a bunch of ninnies
Runner of Blog: how else are they going to learn how to curse
Runner of Blog: if you want to teach your kid about sex - you just "accidentally" leave porn around - they'll figure it out
Fraternity Brother Number 1: that's the reason i think my dad cancelled HBO after i was 10 or 11
[14:51] Fraternity Brother Number 1: he figured he left it around long enough for me to sneak and watch it, once he knew i had the knowledge, he stopped paying for it
Runner of Blog: once u saw real sex?
Fraternity Brother Number 1: exactly, thats how i learned everything, i used to sneak downstairs to watch hbo once everyone was asleep
Fraternity Brother Number 1: i watched everything man. all the R rated stuff they wouldnt let me see, eddie murphy raw, dice clay, all their porns
Fraternity Brother Number 1: and here i am. still a well adjusted person in society. sure i may laugh at the handicap and terminal diseases, but im not reenacting anything i saw in those movies
[Runner of Blog: ridiculous
Fraternity Brother Number 1: ok, the people who complain are these out of date people in the government. these whiners and complainers in special interests groups, but at some point, weren't they just like we are now. not really offended by much? does that mean one day we'll be the cry babies?
Runner of Blog: No, those people were the liberal tree huggers that i knew in law school
Runner of Blog: they will always be bitching, until they take everything away that i consider American
Fraternity Brother Number 1: hahahahaha, you got a point
Fraternity Brother Number 1: yesterday i went for a walk on lunch and i saw a group of protesters in front of the state house, young college age kids with signs saying 'bush orchestrated 9-11'
Runner of Blog: that seems completely reasonable - bush who can't tie his own shoes orchestrated the death of 5,000 people
Fraternity Brother Number 1: thats what i said. this is a dude who had trouble chewing on a pretzel, but he can pull this off.
Fraternity Brother Number 1: one would think IF he did, he would have at least benefited from it in some way. but i don't see how he could have
Fraternity Brother Number 1: you should see some of the stuff i see people protesting over. living in a city, thats the state capital, thats chock full of young idealogical college kids who wear smart people glasses always have stuff to bitch about
Runner of Blog: Everyone is all for helping people until its their paycheck being raped
Fraternity Brother Number 1: todays protesters were for protecting the people in Darfur
Runner of Blog: where the fuck is that
[15:09] Fraternity Brother Number 1: i dunno, some place in Africa, where the people are being killed, i think
[15:09] Fraternity Brother Number 1: i dunno, maybe im silly, but maybe we should be worrying about our own people. seeing as how this week 6 dudes were arrested for plotting an attack, so obviously the threat is still very real
Runner of Blog: even more basic than that - if there is a homeless person in America he should be helped BEFORE a homeless dude in bumble fuck Africa
Runner of Blog: where most of the people are homeless ANYWAY
Runner of Blog: you have no idea me and constitutional law 2 had some real problems
Runner of Blog: first it would be me vs blacks then me vs women
Runner of Blog: i should not be discriminated against because i am a white Christian male
Fraternity Brother Number 1: i wish i could have taken the class with ya, at least so ya had someone on your side
Runner of Blog: i'd get out and all white males would agree but NO ONE HAD MY BACK
Runner of Blog: left me out to dry
Runner of Blog: i was like the martin luther king, Jr. of white politics
Fraternity Brother Number 1: hahahahaha. im sure the blacks and the women looked at you w/ disgust as well
Runner of Blog: all blacks did - but not all women cause some knew i was right
Runner of Blog: I just feel like shit should be equal across the board, so discrimination is bad but so is affirmative action
Fraternity Brother Number 1: thats where im at. im not racist, id like to see real equality. not equality but leaning in favor of one direction
Runner of Blog: agreed

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