Monday, May 7, 2007

Glass Selling Jew's First Post

[13:33] Glass Selling Jew: if u put Runner of Blog's Older Brother in a wig that might b fine (Speaking of hitting on my family members)
[13:33] Glass Selling Jew: lol. that was a joke
[13:34] Runner of Blog: lol you felt the need to specify that it was a joke?
[13:35] Glass Selling Jew: yes
[13:35] Glass Selling Jew: bc he may really have a wig
[13:36] Runner of Blog: blond or black?
[13:38] Glass Selling Jew: no clue
[13:38] Glass Selling Jew: hes ur bro
[13:38] Glass Selling Jew: u live in the same house
[13:38] Glass Selling Jew: im sure uve seen something
[13:39] Glass Selling Jew: maybe u woke up one night and heard the sound of high heels clacking on the floor, then when u looked down in the hallway u saw a pretty ugly husky woman with a 5 oclock shadow
[13:40] Glass Selling Jew: and man boobs instead of real ones
[13:40] Glass Selling Jew: its ok, u can tell me
[13:40] Glass Selling Jew: promis i wont tell anyone else or put u guys on the jerry springer show
[13:41] Runner of Blog: WOW
[13:41] Runner of Blog: only if everyone would chant JERRY JERRY JERRY
[13:42] Glass Selling Jew: im sure they would give u a warm reception


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