Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sing Billy Sing

[10:52] Fraternity Brother #1:
[10:54] Runner of Blog: put that drunk driving genius to work
[10:55] Fraternity Brother #1: thats what im saying. he needs to get back on the drink. he was on the drink for 20 years and wrote great tunes
[10:56] Runner of Blog: you know whose fault this MADD - freaking house wives that want to stop his creative juices
[10:56] Fraternity Brother #1: so what if he put is car into someones living room. he wrote piano man for christ sakes, he's allowed to
[10:56] Runner of Blog: they are just pissed because their husbands need these beverages to look at their fat inflated asses after 35 years of marriage
[10:57] Fraternity Brother #1: or its because of those beverages that their husbands use them as punching bags
[10:57] Runner of Blog: hahahah - wahhhhh wahhhhhhh he hits me
[10:57] Runner of Blog: well you know what
[10:58] Runner of Blog: he also provides a roof over your head
[10:58] Runner of Blog: since you can't obviously work because you are too damn annoying or just too stupid
[10:58] Runner of Blog: if it weren't for their abusive, drunk husbands they'd be turning tricks for shelter
[10:58] Fraternity Brother #1: its not my fault your a codependent who keeps taking him back
[10:59] Fraternity Brother #1: ha ha spousal abuse
[10:59] Runner of Blog: its a rough topic, but there is more than one side to any controversial subject
[10:59] Fraternity Brother #1: yeah, i always like to explore the other side - that sounded kinda gay
[10:59] Runner of Blog: yup - yes it did
[11:00] Runner of Blog: gays and spousal abuse we are cultured
[11:01] Fraternity Brother #1: culture is for the gays

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