Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Avoid Barbar conversations

Fraternity Brother #1: there ya go. i gotta get a haircut after work, and im in no mood for it
Runner of Blog: then don't go bro
Fraternity Brother #1: no i need too. i just hate sitting in the chair for a half hour having forced conversation
Runner of Blog: my guy no chatting
Fraternity Brother #1: thats amazing
Runner of Blog: it really is nice
Fraternity Brother #1: i love when i get a non chatty person, i dont need to engage in 30 minutes of small talk
Runner of Blog: dude you just have to close your eyes
Fraternity Brother #1: hmmmmmmm an interesting tactic
Runner of Blog: just do it today - get in the chair and shut your eyes
Runner of Blog: if that doesn't work threaten him/her
Fraternity Brother #1: hahahahaha, either that or rub my hand on their thigh as they walk by, and blow them a kiss
Runner of Blog:or rub the sharp edge of a scissor across their skin and ask if they like"it" dangerous

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