Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mr. Softee for President

Smooth as Sandpaper: just want to let u kno that when i got out of the gym b4, mister softee was waiting 4 me outside
Smooth as Sandpaper: haha couldn't resist
Runner of Blog: hahahahah no one can - its like crack to us fat kids at heart
Smooth as Sandpaper: so fuckin good
Runner of Blog: what did you get
Runner of Blog: HUGE fan of the two-tone cone
Smooth as Sandpaper: single cone, vanilla, choc. sprinkles
Runner of Blog: BAD ASS i would have went with chocolate cookie crunch stuff
Smooth as Sandpaper: well ur fat
Runner of Blog: lol because i would have substituted sprinkles for cookie crunch - thats what makes me fat?! really
Smooth as Sandpaper: yes
Runner of Blog: how about the fact that I eat Mr. Softee KNOWING that i will hurt later on
Smooth as Sandpaper: that just makes u stupid
Runner of Blog: so chocolate cookie crunch = fat / ignoring my lactose problem = stupid
Smooth as Sandpaper: umm, yea pretty much

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