Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fraternity Brother #1 has a new Homeless friend

Fraternity Brother #1: in my new office i have a view of the street, and im fascinated by this homeless man who stands in the same place all day long
Runner of Blog: wow all day?
Fraternity Brother #1: the commitment he has is shocking. i wonder how he has the dedication to get out there for 8am stand there till 6, but doesn't have the motivation to go to work
Runner of Blogs: talking to himself?
Fraternity Brother #1: nope completely sane
Runner of Blog: that is incredible
Fraternity Brother #1: and he stands the whole time!!!!!
Fraternity Brother #1: i don't get it! he can work at mcdonalds, get money, and a meal all in one
Runner of Blog: you should talk to him about it
Fraternity Brother #1: another guy in my office and i are thinking of doing an intervention or buying a bullhorn to harass him from our window
Runner of Blog: i vote for an intervention - YOU could be th person that changes his life - You could bring back his family - you could bring hope to all his homeless friends
Fraternity Brother #1: BORING rather harass him

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