Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The depth of Fraternity Brother #1's humor

[16:48] Fraternity Brother #1: the old Runner of Blog woulda laughed. but now that you've been to the nursing home and have seen the side effects of careless drug abuse and care free sex, and now you have a sensitive side to it (He is referring to me not finding funny his comment about AIDs patients using an onion ring as a belt)
[16:49] Runner of Blog: HAHAHAHAHAHA
[16:49] Runner of Blog: well when you speak of onion ring belts
[16:49] Runner of Blog: tugs at the heart strings a bit
[16:51] Fraternity Brother #1: hahahaha. im sure that if you were there for half hour, that within that half hour the patients probably lost 1,000lbs combined
[16:52] Runner of Blog: i am crying at work lol
[16:56] Fraternity Brother #1: look what i had to resort to
[16:56] Fraternity Brother #1: you think i feel good about myself?
[16:57] Runner of Blog: i do thats the sad part
[16:57] Fraternity Brother #1: yeah, i do feel good, thats the sadder part

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