Monday, May 14, 2007

The Fiance is illiterate

The Fiance: i am now up to date on your blog
The Fiance: so reading it to me when i am starving is no longer necessary
Runner of Blog: WRONG
Runner of Blog: always necessary
The Fiance: but i read it myself
Runner of Blog: you can't read
Runner of Blog: no reason to be ashamed of your illiteracy, it effects a lot of people
The Fiance: your a nut
Runner of Blog: at least I am a nut that can read
The Fiance: tool
Runner of Blog: hurts when the fiance calls you a tool takes a bite out of the ol' ego
The Fiance: good
Runner of Blog: but then i remember that the fiance can't read
Runner of Blog: and i feel better about myself
The Fiance: you shouldn't feel better about your self you drunk ass KFC eating...david hasslehoff like....tool
Runner of Blog: hurts a bit
The Fiance: i'm sorry - i needed something after teh "you can't read" thing
Runner of Blog: kind of hitting below the belt, but what else can one expect from a person that can't read and then lies about reading her soon to be husband's blog
The Fiance: i guess one can't expect much more
The Fiance: 13 months today till our wedding!
The Fiance: get ready!
The Fiance: and our 3 month engagement anniversary!
Runner of Blog: might have to rethink this whole thing if you can't read
Runner of Blog: it could affect our children
The Fiance: true, i guess you should think about it...but i gave you that chance prior to sending out the save the dates
Runner of Blog: but thats before the illiteracy thing came up
The Fiance: well you should've known....we've been together over 6 years
The Fiance: you couldn't just have "noticed" today
Runner of Blog: well the fact that you are responding to written words on an instant messenger also gave me a hint
The Fiance: ahhh

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Lori said...

Oh my god....3 words...


You're hysterical (I guess you have to be to be marrying this guy!)